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There is no one who does it better than Randy “Macho Man” Savage! He's the cream of the cop and the cream, always rises to the top. DIG IT! He takes care of business. Yeah! And he don't never take no hot dogging and grand standing from his enemies in the ring. Yeah! He's going to put Hollywood Hulk Hogan and all those prima donnas who think they can handle the champ. OH YEAH!!

We love Macho Man... can you tell? He may just be the best thing that's ever happened WWE. He may even be the best thing that happen to our lives! So much energy. So much muscle. So much awesomeness! We just had to gather up a whole bunch of cool stuff based on the iconic wrestler, so we did. We even went out and made an authentic costume that you can wear to become just like the fast talking champion.

Here, you'll find plenty or apparel and accessories to feed your need for Macho Man swag. From t-shirts with Randy Savage himself on the front, to costume kits that will help you look just like him. We even have a pair of Macho Man socks for the ultimate fan! Even Hollywood Hulk Hogan can't hate on this awesome swag.