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Ugly is just an opinion! We think these Uglydolls are all quite adorable, even if they're a bit... odd with their big eyes, blank expression, odd proportions, and an extra appendage or two! You just need to know that in the uglyverse "ugly" means unique and special. And in this case, pretty aweseme!

You've likely seen these popular collectibles as they have gained a lot of notoriety since their introduction in 2001. Uglydolls are a huggable and hilarious plush toy, great as a collectible for adults and will become a beloved member of the family for kids. If you've been living life this whole time while lacking a plush toy that speaks to your unique sensibilities, we think one of these little guys is just what you need. With fun characters like Babo, Wage, Ice Bat, Tray and Ox you can collect them all. (And of course their fun costumed alternates!)

Just remember the mantra of Ugly:

"Ugly means unique and different. Real beauty is found in the little twists and turns that make us who we are. never hide or cover up that which makes you YOU. Shout those twists and turns from the highest rooftops. Always be ugly."