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When you see the term 'Some Assembly Required' you might want to turn around and flee the scene with your arms above your head. But we implore you to give our woolbuddies a chance! Not only are they totally adorable, but they're a ton of fun to make yourself. That might sound hard, but it's pretty easy and you'll feel like you're some kind of crafting master after you're finished. We have a whole selection of needle felting kits to create wild animals and imaginitive monsters, so check them out!

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Needle Felting

DIY Fun.com Monster

Needle felting is a craft that may look a little intimidating, but if you take it step-by-step, it isn’t that hard at all! Like learning any new craft, it just takes time and practice until you get the hang of the process. Needle felting is the process of tangling wool fibers together with the use of a pointed needle to create felt. Using this method, you can make different shapes and designs. In this tutorial, we’ll show you had to create a needle felted version of our mascot, the FUN.com Monster! Let’s go!

What You’ll Need:

Let's get the ball wooling

  1. Get all your supplies together. The kit provides you with all the wool you need for your monster.
  2. We’re starting with the head! Take a chunk from the ball of white wool. (You want this to be a little smaller than what you’d like the head size to be.) Roll the white ball tightly into a sphere – this will be the inside of the head.
  3. Here’s where you start felting! Take your needle, hold the white wool on your mat, and begin poking. Using a quick, up-and-down motion, punch your felting needle all around the sphere. It’ll take some time! As you go, make sure to move the ball around little-by-little, so the head forms evenly round.
    • You’ll be able to see how the fibers of the wool get thicker as you continue to poke it with the needle. Eventually the wool will start feeling smooth and dense.
  4. Once the white ball is complete, take a thin layer of the purple wool and wrap it around, covering all areas.

You're doing great

  1. Using the same method of felting as above, take your needle and begin to work the purple wool. This will fuse the two wools together. Keep going until the surface is smooth and even.
    • If you need to add little bits of wool to fill in empty spaces, feel free!
  2. Onto the body! Take another chunk of white wool and roll up into a cone shape for the base of the monster. Use the felting needle to form it into shape. Make sure the bottom stays flat so the monster can sit on his own!
  3. Layer a thin piece of purple wool over the white cone and continue poking the needle to form.
    • Be sure to leave some of the top end loose, so you can attach the head to the body.
  4. Now, let’s make the monster’s limbs. Take a small piece of the purple and roll tightly into a cylinder to form the first leg.

Ow! Keep going! Ouch!

  1. Use the needle and poke the leg until it forms. Leave one end loose so you can attach it to the body and make one end a little wider to look like his little foot!
  2. Repeat steps 8 & 9 three more times to make another leg and two arms. The arms should be a little longer and thinner than the legs.
  3. The next step is to attach the top of the body to the base of the head. Place the two pieces together and work the loose purple roving from the neck onto the bottom of the head. Make sure to felt as much as possible so the fibers connect tightly.
    • This part takes a little bit of time to get the hang off, but we know you can do it! It might feel clumsy at first, but it did for us, too.
  4. Add the two legs onto the monster’s body. Position them at the bottom – not quite in the front and not quite directly on the side. When he sits, they should be splayed out evenly.

I was born blind...like a puppy!

  1. Using the same method as attaching the legs, connect the arms to the top of the monster’s body.
  2. Take a step back and admire the beautiful monster so far. Take a look at the placement. How do the arms and legs look? Can he sit on his own? If you need to add little bits of wool to even the proportions out, go ahead!
  3. Now the small details – the face! Pinch a little bit of blue wool for the nose and place it on the center of the face. Use the needle to create a teardrop shape; thinner at the top and fat and round at the bottom
  4. Use tiny bits of white to make two perfectly round eyeballs to go on both sides (and a little above) of the nose. Use the cover of the kit for placement reference

C'mon baby, stick the landing!

  1. Use the smallest little bit of black wool to make two little pupils for the eyes. This part is very important, because you don’t want a cross-eyed monster. Well, maybe you do! Anyway, placement of the pupils is key to giving your monster the expression you want.
  2. Roll out a long strand of the black wool to form the mouth of the monster. Make sure it’s even and not bumpy!
  3. Place the black wool onto the face under the nose. It should reach from eye to eye, but not further! Poke the wool with your needle to felt it into place.
  4. With white wool, form a tear drop and place near the edge of the mouth. Have the tooth’s point face down for a terrifying fang!

How'd I turn out?

  1. More teeth! We put five teeth on this guy – two fangs on the outside and three smaller triangles in the middle. Make sure to have the teeth cover up the top of the black mouth line.
  2. Last part! Make two horns out of the white wool. Make the piece a little bit curved with a point on the end. Leave the bottom part of the base fluffy and loose so you can attach it to the head.

I turned out great!

You did it! You created your own FUN.com monster and added a new trick to your trade: needle felting. How does it feel? Be sure to send us pictures of your finished product! We also have many other kits right here so you can make cute animals, like owls, penguins, and sheep. Now that you know how to needle felt, you can create a whole bunch of creatures! Teach this to your friends, your kids, your parents, your neighbors, a person you see at the store, the president, or anyone!