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That Deadly Viper Assassination Squad had no idea what was in store for them! They thought they could just crash The Bride's wedding and tear up the place, but they made one big mistake. Then didn't finish the job that Bill sent them to do and now, she's going to get her revenge. Sounds epic, doesn't it? That's how Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill begins and it gives us the chills, every single time we think about it. If you're checking out our Kill Bill gifts, then chances are that you know someone who loves Kill Bill almost as much as we do! So, it's a good thing we've got some great gift choices ready for you.

These Kill Bill gifts include everything that a Tarantino fan could want! We carry Kill Bill t-shirts, along with fully licensed costumes to help you look like Uma Thurman's character from the movie.We also carry plastic replica weapons based on the Hattori Hanzo sword and Gogo Yubari's meteor hammer weapon. You're sure to find what you need!