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Do you ever break out your Sega Genesis and your old Sonic the Hedgehog cartridges to get a huge dose of old school gaming in? Well, why not? Sonic might be the best 2-D scrolling video game character in the history of gaming! (He's at least tied for first with Mario.) The controls were simple, the mechanics easy to grasp and, of course, how could you not want to control the spiky little blue guy? Are you just about ready to dig out your Sega now? Well, if you love that furry little video game star, then you'll be ready for some of these great Sonic the Hedgehog gifts that we have in store for you!

These collectibles are all based on the classic video game character! We carry everything from baseball caps, to drinkware, to adorable plushies and pillows based on the signature character from the series. So you can outfit your room, your closet or even your bed with the loveable little speedster.