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    We are currently looking for male and female models in the following sizes for our Halloween costume line: toddler, child, adult, and plus size. If you are outgoing and photogenic, please fill out an application and attach a head shot and full-body shot.

    Wage - $25.00 / hrTo Apply: Click here to fill out an application. Benefits and Perks: Many benefits begin on the first day of your job, when the real fun begins. At, we enjoy a unique culture that is driven, challenged and passionate about what we do. We work hard and play hard.

    Some of the perks that come with a work hard, play hard culture include:

    Salaried Employees
    Open Vacation Policy - We trust our employees to get done what they need to, and to take the vacation time they need. This doesn't mean you can take 6 months off, but it does mean you get the vacation time you deserve.
    Open Sick Leave Policy - Please stay home if you have whatever nasty plague is going around.  Nobody wants to be covered in your mucus.

    Full-time Hourly Employees
    Accured PTO - Based on hours of service. Starts at 2 weeks in the first year and increases every year thereafter.  5th year is 4 weeks, 10th year is 4 1/2 weeks.
    Floating Personal Holidays - Don't want to use PTO for a day off?  That's cool.  You get to have up to two personal holidays per year (depending on hire date) that you may use at any time provided you ask for that time off in advance.

    All Full-Time Employees
    Defined Contribution Plan - A Health Care Reinbursement plan that, for the majority of employees, covers 100% of individual premiums and 30% of spousal premiums for a basic insurance plan. Dental, Life Insurance and other health benefits are optional with our plan.  This offers maximum flexibility for health care options and maximum affordability for our employees.
    Employee Discount - 50% off retail prices of costumes, t-shirts, toys and suits.
    Paid Parental Leave - offers an additional two weeks' worth of paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child.
    Paid Holidays - We're closed six days a year [New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas]. After you complete your probationary period, you don't have to come to work on those days AND we'll still pay you for it!
    401(k) Plan - Every June and December, all permanent employees are eligible to enroll in the company-sponsored 401(k) plan.  The plan has a 50% match of up to 3% of your total salary/wages.
    Funeral Leave  - Upon completion of a probationary period, all full-time employees are eligible for three days of leave for mourning the loss of a loved one.
    Paid Jury Duty
    - Upon completion of a probationary period, all full-time employees are eligible for three days of paid leave per term of jury service to participate in this civic process.
    Personal Development Budget
     - You get $100 per year to spend on things to make you a better, more skilled employee!
    Free Cappuccino and Tea
     - It's powder and water, but it works!

    We hope to see you join our team. What fun will you bring?