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Full-Time Positions

The following positions are accepting résumés for immediate hire.

Costume Designer

We at have the brand That means that we sell costumes. We also create costumes. Somebody needs to design those costumes. See where we’re going with this? is looking for somebody with a fantastic imagination to work on sketching up and creating all sorts of costumes for people of every age, every shape and every style that you can think of. And after you’re done sketching up some of your ideas, you’re the kind of person who wants to draw some more! We’re talking about creating costumes based around anything and everything from traditional costumes to pop-culture influenced costumes to costumes based on licensed properties. With this job, you will have a direct opportunity to influence Halloween fashion trends worldwide! How awesome is that? Answer: Very. Very awesome.

You will work closely with our entire Product and Development teams to sketch out and create multiple versions of costumes using different fabrics and styles, paying special attention to modern fashion trends, forecasting future trends and, of course, price point. We don’t want to fleece our customers – unless, of course, you choose to use fleece in the costume. It’s probably okay then.

If you’re somebody with great sketching ability, a ton of imagination, a passion for fashion and a love of Halloween, we want to see your portfolio of designs from conception to realization and hear from you.

Interested applicants should find their way to: Applications without a link to your online portfolio or an attached portfolio will not be considered for employment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Sketch out multiple designs for potential Halloween costumes based on multiple properties
  • Take direction and creative criticism to refine designs by incorporating outside feedback
  • Follow and research current fashion trends
  • Anticipate future fashion trends to incorporate into costume designs
  • Find pattern and material options for use in designed costumes
  • Suggest pattern and material options for use in designed costumes
  • Pay attention to price point as costume gets designed
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Certificate, Associate’s degree or higher in Costume Design, Fashion Design, Visual Art, or similar discipline or equivalent experience
  • Phenomenal sketching skills
  • Experience working in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of tech packs and technical drawings
  • Creativity, imagination and problem solving ability
  • Fantastic eye for minute details
  • Great oral and verbal communication skills
  • Basic garment construction knowledge
  • Expansive knowledge of fashion history from loincloths to leotards
Preferred Skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Costume Design, Fashion Design, Visual Art or similar discipline or equivalent experience
  • Sewing and pattern making capabilities
  • Previous experience designing licensed consumer goods
  • Previous experience designing apparel for a broad consumer market

Wage - Depends on Qualifications

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

HR Representative is looking for a permanent Human Resources Representative to help out in a generalist capacity. Our HR Reps have huge jobs in front of them every year. In addition to developing and implementing plans to recruit over 2,000 temporary employees to our single North Mankato location each fall, our HR Representatives ensure that all day to day HR needs are met throughout the year. This means that an HR Representative will also help out with permanent employee recruiting and interviewing, employee recognition and retention, ensure regulatory compliance, help with benefits administration and all the other odds and ends that come with HR.

In addition, anybody who joins the team must be able to confidently walk that tightrope between being a stickler and being permissive. We have a fun, goofy culture around here and want to make sure that’s encouraged, but still be able to jump in when it’s needed. We don’t want to be the HR department that everybody hates – a shockingly common occurrence. So our desired candidate has to be tactful, friendly and approachable in all situations.

All in all, this position requires a lot of planning and attention to detail plus a great personality in order to be truly effective in this role. We would like to think that you, yes you, the person reading this, has those qualities.

Please visit our website to apply.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Maintain and create new employee files
  • Schedule and conduct interviews for permanent and select temporary positions
  • Attend recruiting events throughout the year
  • Post positions to job boards and refresh ads at least twice a week
  • Assist with employee relations concerns, including disciplinary issues, investigations and terminations
  • Work towards continual improvement of employee engagement in both seasonal and permanent staff
  • Compile and write monthly employee newsletter
  • Conduct internal surveys and analyze data
  • Administer employee benefits, including medical, dental, life, disability and 401K
  • Ensure FMLA, ERISA, ADA, EEOC, etc. compliance
  • Input employee information and changes into ADP and proprietary admin software
  • Help develop HR policies in accordance with business need
  • Update employee handbooks and management wiki to reflect changes in policies and procedures
  • Research best practices in the field in regards to performance management, recruitment, retention, development, recognition, safety, etc.
  • Work with HR team to develop and execute strategies to recruit and hire 2,000+ temporary Customer Service, Inventory, Returns and Shipping staff each year
  • Complete unemployment claims, employment verifications, etc. as they arrive
  • Schedule, organize and conduct mass orientations and building tours for new seasonal employees
  • Lead and mentor Temp HR Assistants and Interns during busy season
  • Serve as contact point for HR questions and employee needs
  • Other duties as assigned
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Organizational skills up the wazoo [or wherever you prefer to keep your organizational skills, as long as the location is clearly labeled]
  • Excellent computer skills, including Word and Excel
  • Gooderer communicationizing skills than this bullet point
  • Basic knowledge of various employment laws and best practices
  • Able to exhibit a high level of confidentiality
  • Ability to switch priorities at a moment’s notice
  • Ability to work independently on large and small projects without the need for follow-up
  • Ability to make sound judgement calls quickly, confidently and decisively
  • Some evening and weekend availability during the summer and early fall
  • High school diploma or equivalent
Preferred Skills
  • B.A. or B.S. in Management, Human Resources, Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Sports Management, Public Relations or similar fields
  • Previous experience working in a Customer Service oriented field
  • 2-3 years’ experience training, recruiting, supervising and/or managing employees or 1+ years of specific HR experience
  • Familiarity with ADP payroll processing software
  • Previous benefits administration experience

Wage - Depends on qualifications

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

Marketing Director

This one goes out to all digital Marketing gurus out there – ones who can tell us if we’re behind the times for even using the terms digital and guru – we want you for! We’re one of those successful and quirky companies that you’ve heard so much about and we’re looking for a Marketing Director to take us even further! is the parent brand of both and and it’s going to be up to you to make sure that everyone in the world knows our name as one of the finest purveyors of toys, costumes, apparel and home goods in the world!

You’ll be in charge of our crack team of SEO, branding, PPC, affiliate and database experts – so you’d better know your stuff.  In addition, a proven track record of successful SEO, Social Marketing and Branding initiatives throughout your career, as well as a mastery of marketing analytics platforms will be incredibly beneficial prior to starting this position. In short, if you fancy yourself a true master marketer, we want you with us.

Relocation assistance is available. Amount will vary depending on candidate qualifications and distance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Work with managers in each area (SEO, Social Media/Branding, Copywriting, etc.) to ensure projects are completed and deadlines are met
  • Work across departments to ensure a focused product marketing strategy for exclusive items and unique SKUs
  • Ensure ongoing accuracy of Marketing Expense Report, with monthly reporting
  • Plan budgets in accordance with company goals
  • Improve channel attribution models to ensure the most effective budget and resource allocation
  • Identify gaps in market reach and suggest strategies to increase market share
  • Work with managers to identify and resolve individual employee issues, workloads and core focuses
  • Stay current on market trends, relationship opportunities, potential big partners
  • Develop initiatives and customer retention programs that increase brand awareness (e.g. Refer-A-Friend, points system, innovative marketing tactics, etc.)
  • Find new outlets and/or gaps in our brand presence (e.g. shows, events, sponsorship opportunities, etc.)
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • 4-6 years of digital marketing experience
  • 1-2 years of experience managing and leading a team of marketing professionals
  • 5+ years of experience with marketing analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or others
  • Firsthand experience with at least 3 of the following: white hat SEO tactics; PPC marketing; social media engagement and strategy; content strategy; product marketing strategy; email marketing campaigns; user experience; A/B testing and conversion optimization; affiliate marketing; customer retention programs; analytics and reporting; awesomeness [actually, this one is a necessity, so you technically need experience with four of these things. Seriously, non-awesomeness is non-negotiable, {raditude is an acceptable substitute – FYI}]
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate complex, ambiguous issues and make decisions based on best judgment
  • Proven record of successful and innovative marketing ideas and tactics in: SEO, social networking, media, bidding, etc.
  • Experience in developing strategies for increasing ROI, conversion rates, CTRs, open rates
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, especially in Microsoft Excel
  • Proficiency with various paid search and web analytics applications
  • Organizational skills so masterful that you’ve never even lost your keys or phone
  • Analytical and quantitative reasoning skills so good they approach the ability to predict the future
  • Experience collaborating cross-functionally and able to run a central creative services function
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple projects with tight deadlines and shifting priorities
  • Ability to communicate and present effectively to all audiences. That is to say that you could captivate and impress our entire company in a single presentation with your expert opinion
  • BA or BS in Marketing, Business, Management, Computer Science or technology-related field – MBA a plus
Preferred Skills
  • Experience with modern marketing tools and technology, such as Moz and Google Analytics
  • Experience or certifications with: Google Adwords, Webmaster Tools and Analytics; MajesticSEO; Screaming Frog; etc.
  • Exposure to international marketing initiatives
  • A proven track record of applying customer insights/feedback into tangible results or implementation of a digital solution
  • Experience creating long-term and short-term marketing strategies backed by hard data (seriously, everything we do is rooted in numbers – we <3 data so so much)

Wage - Depends on Qualifications

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

Shipping Team Lead [Permanent]

Who’da thunk that an extremely fast-growing e-commerce company could use some help in its Shipping department? We only send out thousands of packages a day. It’s almost like that’s how all of our customers get their orders.

Enough with the introduction! Let’s get down to business! is the home of, and, of course, We sell all those things to people all over the world and we do so in a slightly offbeat fashion. And we like it that way! wants you: an energetic, dynamic, fantastic individual to be in our Shipping department. You’ll pick orders on a scooter cart [100% serious on that, by the way], pack ‘em up and then send our costumes, shirts, gifts and toys all around the world! It’s like being Santa Claus – only not really like Santa at all.

In addition to wanting to cover the day-to-day roles, we’re looking for somebody with a strong passion for making continuous improvements and NERF gun fights.

That last part is optional, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Do you like to remain active at work? Do you like Halloween way more than a grown person should? We may just have a place for you at

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Pick, pack and ship customer orders
  • Sort orders to multiple carriers
  • Maintain a clean and organized department
  • Keep an adequate supply of shipping materials on hand at all times
  • Train temporary staff
  • Lead by example
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Other duties as assigned
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Experience setting and meeting goals
  • Experience leading and training employees
  • A positive, upbeat spirit
  • Ability to understand and follow safety procedures
  • Able to move, lift, carry, push, pull and place objects weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance
  • Able to reach overhead and below the knees, including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping
  • Able to stand on your feet for the duration of a shift
  • Maintain punctual, regular and consistent attendance
  • Ability to work evenings until 7:30 pm and/or weekends, as needed
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

Wage - $11

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

Software Developer

Calling all coders! Calling all coders! needs you!, a rapidly growing e-commerce company that encompasses the brands, and, is looking for a software developer and hopefully, you’re the one for the job. We want somebody who has already created masterful software out of thin air to come in and work his or her magic with us. makes all its systems in-house, which means that you will have the opportunity to start brand new initiatives from scratch and not just repair legacy code. Although, let’s be honest, you’ll probably have to do a bit of that too. You’ll have the chance to work on major initiatives with the chance to see immediate results because of the work that you will be doing! It’s an exciting time to be a programmer for and we want only the very best! If you think you have what it takes, please apply.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Perform a variety of programming assignments including creation of new web-based applications as well as maintaining existing web-based applications. New projects require the gathering and analyzing of requirements as well as projection estimates for development time.
  • Program, test and troubleshoot all work to ensure expected functionality before deploying to a live environment.
  • Continually research new technologies and implement best-practices on existing application deficiencies.
  • Analyze performance of applications and deploy known best-practices to correct any application deficiencies.
  • Write SQL queries, sub-queries, views, functions and stored procedures.
  • Understand basic cross-browser compatibility issues; adhere to W3C HTML and XHTML standards.
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Seeking developers with at least 3 years of experience.
  • Experience developing database driven, web-based applications in C#/ASP.NET with an SQL Server database.
  • Possesses the ability to efficiently write SQL queries, sub-queries and stored procedures.
  • Must be proficient writing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
Preferred Skills
  • Experience with jQuery, AJAX, Regular Expressions
  • Caching techniques, application performance tuning.

Wage - Depends on experience.

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

Part-Time Positions

The following positions are accepting résumés for immediate hire.

Costume Buying Intern

Are you looking for an internship this fall that will combine your knowledge gained in the classroom with some real world experience with results that you will be able to see? We’ve got one for you right here! is looking for an intern to help out with during the busy replenishment season.

You’ll gain all sorts of knowledge regarding inventory analytics, pricing and promotional strategies and e-commerce merchandising strategies. These are skills that are important in a wide variety of business and will give you an edge on getting a great job after you finish school!

Of course, it’s not all learning, you’re going to have to do some stuff and bring a few skills to the table. As you can probably guess, being a Halloween costume buyer requires a lot of knowledge about trends in movies, television and even a few Internet memes, but that’s actually only a very small part of what we need in a Costume Buying Intern. In fact, being a Buyer actually involves a ton of number analysis and working in Excel. There is a lot of drilling deep, deep down into the deep, dark, depths of data. Down to a single product at a single size, where we look at sell-through percentage, potential restock issues, tie-ins to trends, whether new products may compete with our current selection and tons more variables.

Then our Buyers do it again and again and again and again and again…

If you’re the kind of person who loves an intellectual challenge with a steep learning curve, makes decisions backed up by hard data and evidence, and understands why somebody out there might want to buy a horrifying, yet sexy, clown outfit – then you might be exactly who we are looking for.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Execute price changes based on sell-through metrics
  • Perform data entry tasks
  • Competitor research
  • Product visibility research and recommendations
  • Merchandise product on website
  • Other duties as assigned
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Pursuing a college degree in Finance, Accounting, Business, Economics, Mathematics, Marketing or other analytical discipline
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite. But mostly Excel
  • Ability to make informed decisions quickly, based on collected data
  • Detailed and organized. We’re talking about needing the type of person who would slap a label on a label maker
  • Preference for working independently, but can still function well in a team environment
  • Effective at communicating new ideas
Preferred Skills
  • Inventory or retail experience


Wage - $10.50/hr

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

Marketing Intern [Fall], home of and, is looking for a dedicated and technical minded individual to join our Marketing team as an intern!  As a Partner Marketing Intern, you will be working closely with our partner websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet and NewEgg.

There are probably a few other partner websites too…

This is what happens when HR writes job ads; they forget stuff.  But believe us, there is plenty of stuff and partner sites!

While with, you will learn a ton about managing inventory on partner websites, working on major revenue generating projects and, as an added bonus, get to meet a bunch of the nicest weirdos you can find in one place. You will also have a chance to work with the other areas in our digital marketing strategy, such as Pay-Per-Click, Affiliates, and Email.

Oh yeah, we’ll also pay you for your internship.  No indentured servitude for you!

If this sounds interesting (which we sincerely hope it does), we’d love to hear from you! 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Manage and upload inventory to partner websites (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc...)
  • Assign accurate attributes to products for each partner
  • Interpret errors and find solutions to prevent them from occurring in the future
  • Analyze system processes and help pinpoint improvement opportunities
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Project management skills – ability to detail out a plan and execute on a deadline
  • Ability to adjust to changing priorities and procedures while working on multiple platforms [not literal platforms, of course – we’re not going to make you balance on precarious things for our amusement]
  • Working towards a Marketing, Management or Business degree

Wage - $10.50

Attach resume and cover letter to: moc.nuf@ylppa

Video Production/Multimedia Intern [Fall], home of and, is looking for a dedicated and technical minded individual to join our Multimedia team as an intern to help out on various video productions this summer! You will have the chance to work on advertisements, product videos, marketing materials and much more!

This isn’t limited to just holding the boom mic, either! While with, you will learn a ton about audio and video editing, setting up lighting, and all the other things that make video magic happen in a commercial environment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Set up for commercial video shoots
  • Grip and Best Boy duties [you would that the industry would have changed that term by now…]
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Video production
  • Image editing
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Premiere and After Effects
  • Some experience with video production through education, personal projects or both
  • Experience with DSLR cameras (no specific brand experience needed just general knowledge)
  • Experience working with digital audio workstations
  • Experience setting up lighting for video production
  • Able to lift up to 75 lbs. with or without assistance on occasion [lights and other equipment are way too heavy]
  • Working towards a degree in Film and Video Studies, Media Arts, Video Production or similar

Wage - $10.50

Please include a link to a portfolio (YouTube is perfectly acceptable) of some of your completed video productions with a resume and cover letter to Applications without portfolios or links to clips will not be considered for the position along.

On-Call Positions has various positions available from time to time.


We are currently looking for male and female models in the following sizes for our Halloween costume line: toddler, child, adult, and plus size. If you are outgoing and photogenic, please fill out an application and attach a head shot and full-body shot.

Wage - $25.00 / hr

To Apply: Click here to fill out an application. Benefits & Perks

Many benefits begin on the first day of your job, when the real fun begins. At, we enjoy a unique culture that is driven, challenged and passionate about what we do. We work hard and play hard.

Some of the perks that come with a work hard, play hard culture include:

Salaried Employees

Open Vacation Policy: We trust our employees to get done what they need to, and to take the vacation time they need. This doesn't mean you can take 6 months off, but it does mean you get the vacation time you deserve.

Open Sick Leave Policy: Please stay home if you have whatever nasty plague is going around. Nobody wants to be covered in your mucus.

Full-time Hourly Employees

Accrued PTO: Based on hours of service. Starts at 2 weeks in the first year and increases every year thereafter. 5th year is 4 weeks, 10th year is 4 1/2 weeks.

Floating Personal Holidays: Don't want to use PTO for a day off? That's cool. You get to have up to two personal holidays per year (depending on hire date) that you may use at any time provided you ask for that time off in advance.

All Full-Time Employees

Health Insurance: We have three different options for health care coverage for employees: a traditional $500 deductible plan, a traditional $1,000 deductible plan and a $3,000 HDHP plan. will pay 100% of the employee premium for the individual $1,000 deductible plan! Any additional cost for a family plan or for the other insurance offerings can be taken out of an employee check on a pretax basis.

Employee Discount: 50% off retail prices of costumes, t-shirts, toys and suits.

Paid Parental Leave: offers an additional six weeks worth of paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child.

Paid Holidays: We're closed six days a year [New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas]. After you complete your probationary period, you don't have to come to work on those days AND we'll still pay you for it!

401(k) Plan: Every June and December, all permanent employees are eligible to enroll in the company-sponsored 401(k) plan. The plan has a 50% match of up to 3% of your total salary/wages.

Short and Long Term Disability: All full-time employees have the option to purchase short and long term disability benefits to cover up to 60% of lost wages in the event of an injury or illness that prevents and employee from working for an elongated period of time.

Life Insurance: offers its employees the ability to purchase life insurance for themselves, dependents and partners, $100,000 of which is a guaranteed issuance for employees and up to $10,000 guaranteed issuance for partners and dependents.

Funeral Leave: Upon completion of a probationary period, all full-time employees are eligible for three days of leave for mourning the loss of a loved one.

Paid Jury Duty: Upon completion of a probationary period, all full-time employees are eligible for three days of paid leave per term of jury service to participate in this civic process.

Personal Development Budget: You get $100 per year to spend on things to make you a better, more skilled employee!

Free Cappuccino and Tea: It's powder and water, but it works!

We hope to see you join our team. What fun will you bring?