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Rubber Man. Bloody Face. The Ax Man. Twisty. Do these names strike fear into your heart? Well, they most definitley should. We're still trying to erase the image of Twisty wielding a gigantic bloody scissors from our minds. However, if you're the kind of person who daydreams about unmasking Rubber Man or duking it out with the mass murderer Bloody Face, then we have some merch that is right up your alley. Recreate your favorite scenes from any installment of AHS with the help of these American Horror Story POP Vinyls. Collect Elsa, Ma Petite, and of course Pepper and let the curtains of the Big Top open up. Master the seven wonders with all the Coven witches. Showcase all your favorite AHS POP vinyls in your room or on your desk at work. Although, co-workers may find out your little secret: you love all things scary!