Yoda Vinyl Mask

Yoda Vinyl Mask
Yoda Vinyl Mask
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Lean back, close your eyes, and picture the most powerful being in the universe.  You can see him already… the rippling green flesh, the strength just coursing through his body, the ability to leap well beyond what his legs should carry him, the power to lift nearly anything.  It’s just… incredible!  And those pointed ears are friggen adorable!  … Wait, you didn’t think we were talking about that other green guy.  Heck, no!  The Jedi Master with the most is the only green guy for us.  And we think it is time for you to experience some of that tremendous power for yourself!

Wrap your mind around being the Jedi Master, Yoda, for just a night.  And, while you’re at it, wrap this Yoda Vinyl Mask around your noggin and look the part as well!  The firm look of confidence, discipline, and the whole of the Light Side of the Force will be yours.  Combine this with a Jedi Master tunic and lightsaber and all will soon know Balance in the Force!  Or if you really want to prove yourself, go head to head with the other green guy.  Now, that would be something to see!

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  • Adult Yoda 3/4 Vinyl Mask
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