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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that a plush toy makes people smile. When children see them in stores, they beg, “I promise, just one!” Adults giggle at the oddball animals and objects given huggable makeovers, always—though not always admittedly—tempted to bring one home. So, whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up for a grown-up or the perfect present for your kiddo, our Squishables plush selection is sure to please!
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Squishable Banana 7" Plush
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Chances are you grew up with at least one stuffed toy in your collection. Maybe you brought it with you everywhere, or perhaps it stayed safely nestled in your bed pillows, just waiting for sleepy snuggles after storytime. Your stuffed animal may have had a name and enjoyed tea parties with you, grandma, and six blankly staring dolls. But that same cuddly critter may have been the commanding officer in your battles between toy cars and dinosaurs as well. The only thing is, you probably didn’t get the chance to snuggle your favorite snack food or use a llama as a pillow. Those other delightfully bizarre moments were reserved for after you grew up. Quite possibly until the point, you had your own children. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the whacky opportunities now!

Our selection of Squishables makes charming gifts for children and adults alike! Fluffy animals and smiling foods are sure to bring a grin to whoever receives one. And whether you’re shopping for your kiddo or for something to make yourself giggle, you’ve found the right place!

If you love traditional fun with a twist, Squishables stuffed toys are the gift for you and yours! Big, round puppies and puffed up flamingoes mingle with the sweetest stack of pancakes and warmest grilled cheese you’ll ever hug. It’s a plush toy bonanza, and literally, anything is possible. Or, at least, it seems that Squishables can turn anything into a cuddly companion.

Your middle schooler may claim they’re too old for stuffed animals. But a latte-sipping pug is sure to prove otherwise. Meanwhile, your adventurous toddler may need another way to experience the thrill of scaling mountains in South America to see some cheeky llamas. And the ultra-plush Squishables version of a llama might just lull them into dreams of their explorations instead of bookshelf climbing accidents waiting to happen.

Maybe you don’t plan on throwing Squishables on your own freshly made bed, but with options that measure 7 inches instead of 15, you may just find a place for one on your desk. Or, with those mini smile-makers charming their way into your heart, you may not mind letting them “decorate” your living room.

Soft faux fur and fiber-filled bellies will always be a source of comfort. A Squishables plush toy just makes comfortable super adorable! Send your kiddo on their first overnight trip away from home with a friendly face. Enjoy a nap on your couch with a cute and cuddly pal, even when the kids are at school. Or create bedtime story memories you and your child can remember fondly with the stuffed toy that was always there! Whatever the goal, you’re set with our available Squishables!