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Whoa. Stay away from apples from strangers when you wear one of our Snow White costumes! Actually, that's pretty good advice regardless of whether you're dressed up like the classic Disney character or not... but with our officially licensed costumes, you can get the perfect look to make your reality a little more like the classic fairy tale.
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Products 1 - 10 of 10

Ahhh, Snow White! Most people know it as the classic animated movie by Disney, but the story actually has a very long history. It began as a German fairy tale that was made famous by the Brothers Grimm. Of course, we all know the story.

The Evil Queen fears a magical declaration that Snow White, the queen's stepdaughter, will be the fairest one of all. Not liking that prophecy one bit, she sends Snow White off to be... er, hem... taken care of. She tasks a local huntsman with that deed, but when it comes time to swing the axe, he just can't bring himself to do it, since Snow White is just an innocent gal! The queen then finds out that Snow White is still alive and she uses a few dirty tricks to try to finish her off, but she's thwarted when a handsome prince breaks the spell and defeats the evil queen. The prince and Snow White live happily ever after!

Sure, it might seem like a rather simple tale, but it's definitely one that well can get swept up in! Of course... it's even easier to feel the fantasy tale in real life when you're wearing one of our Snow White costumes!

We carry such a large variety of costumes to wear that anyone can relive moments from their favorite fairy tale. Kids love the story, which is why our selection of Snow White costumes for kids will have your little one feeling like a true princess! The come in sizes for girls, but also for toddlers. They capture the beautiful blues and gold colors seen in the Disney film to help make reality feel a little more like a fantasy. We also have plus-sized Snow White costumes, because you should be able to get the look that you want, no matter your body shape is!

Not everyone wants to play the hero though! After all, sometimes it's way more fun to play the role of the villain. They get to do what they please and they're not bound by the rules. If you want to be a bit of a rulebreaker, then maybe you'd like to give one of our Evil Queen Costumes a try! We carry sizes for women that feature brilliant colors that may make you feel like the cartoon character come to life!

And finally, who could forget about the Seven Dwarfs? Without the help of those hardworking fellas, Snow White would never have been able to get the happily ever after ending that she deserved! We carry Seven Dwarfs Costumes that will have you ready to aid Snow White in her quest to defeat the Evil Queen!

We definitely have all of the bases covered! No matter which character you plan on dressing up as, you'll be able to find the perfect Snow White costumes to craft the look you desire!