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Sleeping Beauty Costumes

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Products 1 - 16 of 16

Here's your perfect princess! 

Is there anything better than the classic story of Sleeping Beauty? The story seems so dire! Poor Princess Aurora is cursed from such a young age! She can't even tell that evil fairy to back off. Then she's whisked off to the forest... not that she minds. Aurora takes to the forest quite easily. Her relationship with the birds and beasts make us feel quite certain that the prince and princess will move into a tiny house on in the royal woods after their happily ever after moment. Maybe they'll start up the first forest reserve, with the fairies creating some gorgeous gardens without needing to worry about getting stopped by Maleficient.

But before that happens Phillip needs to take on the dragon and the two kings need to figure out the comedy of errors that happened when Phillip and Aurora met in the woods. And of course, Aurora needs to take her long nap. That's what we all need before getting ready for a royal wedding, anyway!

But most of all, this classic Disney cartoon is beautiful! From the landscape to the costumes, it's survived as a favorite through the generations. It's no wonder that people still want to wear Sleeping Beauty costumes for their special events. The instantly recognizable pretty pink dress makes little girls and grown women alike feel like the princess they always wanted to be. Then there's Maleficent's magnificent look. She's one of the best-dressed villains in our book. She's got style, grace, and a headdress that'll make any royal court shake in their fancy-schmancy boots.

Are you looking for Sleeping Beauty costumes for girls? The deluxe Aurora costume will look timeless in photos! You can even whip up three makeshift fairy costumes to bring her trick-or-treating theme together. There's no reason to give up on the fairy tale dream just because we're grown-ups! Rock the princess look with an Aurora ball gown that looks like it just walked out of a dream! 

Or perhaps the princess lifestyle isn't for you. Maybe you're the show up with vengeance on your mind type. We love Maleficient's attitude. She shows up to a party and curses the child because she didn't get an invite and the other fairies of the forest did? That's one lady who doesn't give a hoot about party fouls!

Rock the sassy villainous look with a variety of Maleficent costumes. You can keep it cartoonish with the colorful robe that's perfect for kid's parties or school events. Or make the club quake when you enter a Halloween party in the fitted Deluxe Maleficent costume, any way you go your costume is sure to have a wicked reception!

Give this Sleeping Beauty costume page a thorough browse and you're sure to find the piece that you walked with once upon a dream. We know those dreams Disney gave us as children can never say die, no matter how old we get. That must be what they mean when they talk about happily ever after!