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Looking for something... a little spicy? Well, our selection of sexy costumes are sure to turn up the heat for your next costume party. Our sexy Halloween costumes include plenty of great options for women, along with some sexy men's costumes, so you can find an outfit perfect for the occasion.
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KISS Demon Rocker Costume
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Womens Scarlet Singer Costume
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Elton John Womens Deluxe Sequin Baseball Costume
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Womens Love Me Tender Costume
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Authentic Catman Kiss Costume
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Products 1 - 23 of 23

What is sexy? Well, ask that to 100 different people and you're likely to get 100 different answers! Well, we decided to dig into that question when curating our selection of sexy costumes for adults. To some, that means deep-v neck dresses. To others, that means short skirt, to others, that means a classic burlesque style outfit. We decided to include all of those options in our selection of sexy costumes! No matter what you find sexy, we think you'll be pleased by our selection of outfits that will have you feeling sexy and confident this year!

So then, what sort of outfits can you find here in our selection of sexy adult costumes? Well for starters, we carry a ton of sexy costumes for women. From iconic characters like Poison Ivy from Batman, to sultry versions of your favorite cartoon characters, we have a look that fits any style. That means you can find a spicy look based on your favorite pop culture characters. You can even find them in different costume constructions here. So, you can get bodycon style jumpsuits that give you a form fit, or you can get something that's a little more classic in design. You can find short skirts, two-pieces, and just about any costume style that you can think of here!

Don't think for a second that we forgot about the men! When it comes to sexy costumes, guys often get left out, but guys can be sexy too! That's why we carry a large stock of sexy costumes for men. Most of our men's sexy costumes feature a quite revealing style, including open shirts and bare legs, to let you guys show off some of your best assets! Wear one of our men's costumes and you'll can feel confident walking into the next costume party. We also carry licensed sexy costumes for men, which includes ones based on the WWE, KISS, and more!

Finally, we also carry a large variety of sexy plus size costumes! We make costumes that are designed for various sizes and shapes, because we think everyone deserves to get a look they love. That's why we make sure to keep a healthy supply awesome plus size sexy costumes to help you craft the perfect look! You can even get classic characters from all of the best movies, like Ghostbusters and Wonder Woman. No matter what sort of outfit you're looking for, we're sure that you'll be able to find an awesome style to suit your needs.

From our great variety for women and our full selection of sexy costumes for men, we carry a little something for everyone! That makes finding the perfect look a breeze for Halloween or your next costume party!

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween has always been the perfect time to unleash our wilder sides, and sexy costumes make doing so a cinch! The only downside to choosing to dress sexy is picking an ensemble that will help bring out a sultry, fierce, and confident nature. Especially as sexy costume styles continue to change!

Luckily, we've assembled a collection of some of the best sexy Halloween costumes and accessories! From ferocious animals to fantasy characters that just do something for their audience, our selection has the costumes to inspire and bring any sexy costume idea to life!

Sexy Halloween Costumes Ideas

Before we split our sexy costumes into traditional men's and women's styles, we'd like to take a moment to address costumes that fit a variety of sexy costume needs. Because sexy isn't always for the wearer alone, and other times our idea of sexy isn't identical to the "classics." Discover sexy couple's costume inspiration, iconic sexy costumes, and styles that might not immediately spring to mind, in the following guide!

Flapper Costumes

Gangster Costumes

What can't a flapper costume do? They're wildly popular for everything from New Year's Eve celebrations to bachelorette parties and Halloween. Paired with a 1920's style gangster costume you've got an unbeatable Bonnie and Clyde vibe!

Our selection offers more than 200 1920's-inspired costumes including the flashy couple seen here styled in an exclusive sexy flapper costume dress and our available mob boss suit! Shop our costume weapons and costume jewelry for additional glitz, glam, and jazz!

Egyptian Costumes

Egyptian Costumes

Talk about a sexy power couple! Cleopatra and her pharaoh are another excellent source of sultry costume inspiration and we've got plenty of divine options to help! The duo seen here are Egyptian king and Egyptian goddess costumes.

If you'd like a little more coverage without losing the vibe of a sexy Cleopatra costume, explore our full selection of ancient Egypt costumes! Offering exclusive gowns, Pharoah robes, and gleaming armor, there are mysterious and steamy options for every Hallo-Queen and King!

Sexy Nurse Costumes

Is there a sexy Halloween look more iconic than a naughty nurse costume? The image of a short white coat, petite nurse's cap, and one too many buttons opened is nearly synonymous with sexy Halloween costumes, and our selection has options guaranteed to raise a few fevers.

Explore our nurse costume selection for both men's and women's styles. Or sneak into an available doctor costume to advance your sexy Halloween career or build a heart-stopping couple's costume. Just don't forget medical essentials, like protective gloves or a nurse's bag!

Dark Angel Costumes

For a truly sinful Halloween costume, angels make great inspiration! Specifically dark angels. Whether it's the wings, the opportunity to deviate from wholesome lessons, or something else entirely, a sexy dark angel costume takes flight on Halloween.

If you're looking to expand the devilish fun, check out our devil costumes! Or play with another familiar Halloween trope: nuns with bad habits! Our sexy nun costumes, fiery devil disguises, and other related entities are a Halloween blessing waiting to answer your prayers!

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

When we think of a sexy Halloween costume, it's likely sexy women's costumes that come to mind. Short skirts, low-cut tops, and fishnet stockings are quintessential pieces in the alluring costume styles. And we're proud to offer hundreds of women's sexy costume options for our customers! From curve-hugging Catwoman costumes to tutus for a sweet and sexy Tinkerbell costume, we have a style for every person's idea of sexy. We've highlighted some popular options below!

Harley Quinn Costumes

Harley Quinn Costume

Comic books have abundant sexy costume inspiration from both superheroes and villains! A Poison Ivy costume or Wonder Woman costume are classic choices! In-panel their confidence is captivating, but their outfits surely help draw attention!

However, a top favorite in the world is sassy Harley Quinn! Whether dressed in black and red harlequin or stunning in the overalls that inspired this golden 'fit, she's breaking hearts (and a few enemy bones!) Capture that fire for Halloween with a sexy Harley Quinn costume!

Jessica Rabbit Costumes

Jessica Rabbit Costume

Are far as sex symbols go, there are few as recognizable as Jessica Rabbit! Her full-length red dress, satin opera gloves, and stiletto heels simply exude sex appeal! And we've got her signature ensemble ready for anyone looking to bring the curvaceous cartoon to life!

Maybe that sultry singer costume inspired a tumble down a different rabbit hole, though. How wonderful! Become the Queen of Hearts! Our Queen of Hearts costume selection has full-coverage elegance and sexy styles that promise to help the passionate character keep cool!

Cowgirl Costumes

There are few costumes better suited for a show than cowgirl ensembles. After all, from Annie Oakley to country celebrities and beyond, western wear is a must! Lasso yourself a sexy cowgirl costume to bring some wild west fun to your Halloween!

Our selection doesn't stop at fringed vests and cowpoke hats, however. Really lean into the entertaining nature of the untamed frontier with sexy showgirl costumes perfect for saloons, rodeos, and wherever the fun leads. Just don't forget boots made for more than walkin'!

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

There's something very empowering about fairytales as kids. Reading that Little Red Riding Hood was brave enough to walk through a dangerous forest, confront a wolf, and make it out alive has had imaginations churning since the start! That curiosity naturally inspires more in adults!

If you're looking for a sexy costume that pulls inspiration from a feeling a bit more than its styling, then Little Red Riding Hood costumes and other storybook costumes are for you! Step into the role of your favorite fairytale character from princess to beast with our selection!

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men

Sexy women's costumes have been popular Halloween fare for as long as most of us can remember, but sexy men's costumes feel newer. At least outside certain entertainment venues. Since our customers aren't interested in keeping tighter briefs, sleeveless tops, or mesh bodysuits for the stage or festivals alone, though, we aren't either! That's why, in our sexy costume selection, you'll find a growing collection of traditionally male outfits inspired by everything from WWE to Disney!

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Jack Sparrow Costume

We'll admit, our exclusive Jack Sparrow costume isn't the immediate image sexy pirate costume might dig up. But sexy isn't all about showing skin. It's a smolder, charm, and ruggedness in full clothing sometimes. Captain Jack Sparrow has all those things plus the bonus of popularity!

So, if you're exploring sexy costumes for the first time, we think a pirate costume is a smart choice! Of course, fully dressed Jack isn't the only treasure to pair with prop swords. We have more revealing styles for your pirate booty as well!

Sexy Ninja Costumes

Sexy Ninja Costume

Mystery is sexy. Leaving a bit to the imagination, very sexy. If you ask us, that's exactly what you get with a ninja costume! Even covered head to toe in a figure-hugging black jumpsuit like this one, can build confidence in the wearer and intrigue onlookers.

Of course, it may help that there are plenty of tools involved in a ninja ensemble. The sneaky shinobi here is even wearing a harness! So, pull inspiration from your favorite anime or video game and assemble the sexy ninja costume of your dreams with our full ninja gifts selection!

Sexy SWAT Costumes

There's something alluring about a uniform. Maybe it's the clean lines. Perhaps it's the understanding of the wearer's career. Either way, for some, occupational costumes and uniforms are full of sex appeal!

For a powerfully sexy option, we think SWAT costumes are the choice! Whether the wearer chooses a full-coverage flack suit or shortened pants and sleeves for the look, it's sure to land with its dangerous action hero looks.

Sexy Ringmaster Costumes

Want to ensure your costume commands attention? Then waltz into the spotlight wearing a ringmaster costume! With the looks of standard-issue red jackets for catching eyes and top hats for tipping to admirers, there are only a couple of ways to make a ringmaster more alluring.

Pair one of our available circus costumes with your flashy ensemble! Whether a fierce lion, flirty clown, or agilely-dressed acrobat join you, it's sure to stir an audience. We just recommend adding a few wily whiskers to your look to ensure ultimate suavity!