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San Francisco 49ers Gifts

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Products 1 - 2 of 2

When you're a fan, you need to show your love. Sure, wearing a 49ers t-shirt while you watch the game at home might not actually increase their chances of winning, but it's about putting out that good vibe. It's about showing everyone that you have faith in your team. It's about letting your friends know that you're in it to win it. But mostly, it's about having cool swag to support your NFL obsession!

Our selection of 49ers gear is fully licensed from the NFL! That means each one of our items comes straight from your favorite football team. We even carry lounge pants and socks to help you stay comfortable while you support the team. Who knows? Maybe the cosmic forces that be will help transfer your good vibes into the players, so you can cheer them on to victory at the next Super Bowl. We can't guarantee that any of that is true, but good vibes never hurt! Make sure to get one of these great NFL items to share the good vibes with the San Francisco 49ers fan in your life.