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PSD Underwear

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Just because underwear is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Get your undergarment game on point with PSD underwear! Like all our apparel and accessories, our selection of PSD boxers, briefs, and women’s underwear is here to help you express yourself wherever you’re heading. Comfortable, stylish, and truly unique, these clothing accessories will have you in Pants Saggin’ Dezign!
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PSD Underwear- Pink Marble Women's Sports Bra
Clearance  - 65%
PSD Underwear- Pink Marble Women's Bikini Brief
Clearance  - 56%
PSD Underwear- Lucky Clover Kyrie Irving Collection
Clearance  - 40%
WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin Mens Boxer Briefs  

Stone Cold Steve Austin Men's Boxers

PSD Underwear WWE Ric Flair Mens Boxer Briefs  
PSD Underwear- WWE Ultimate Warrior Men's Boxer Briefs  
PSD Underwear- Rick & Morty Flying Mens Boxer Briefs  
PSD Underwear- Vintage Camo Mens Boxer Briefs Update1  
PSD Underwear- Rugrats Reptar Gold Grill Mens Boxer Briefs  
Products 1 - 38 of 38

What does PSD underwear stand for? Well, to put is simply they stand for good undergarments. Comfortable underpants that not only keep athletes feeling their best while breaking a sweat but make loungers feel absolutely at ease, all while looking fresh. Because PSD means Pants Saggin’ Dezign—that’s their name! And with prints, patterns, and fabrics that make their mission easy to accomplish, it’s easy to see why our PSD underwear sale section exists!

PSD men’s underwear featuring iconic cartoon characters. PSD briefs with designs you can’t find in generic underwear packs. PSD panties that are just as stylish as, but feel more luxurious than, the flirty lace pair from a boutique. What more could you ask for? Well, let us tell you what you could ask for and receive when you shop our selection!

PSD underwear pack a punch! As far as we’re concerned here at, that’s exactly what all your clothing should do. Why wear plain white underpants when you can throw on a pair decorated with a flashy design? You may not be pulling your jeans down past your bottom to show off your colorfully patterned cheeks, but you definitely wouldn’t be as upset if your goofball friends pants when you’re in a pair of PSD underwear men’s brands envy. So pick out a pair or two. Maybe collect everything we have to offer—we encourage it!

Matching your bra and panties is a feeling unlike many others—ask anyone that makes it their daily mission to have their undergarments coordinate. Luckily, PSD knows that part of the comfort of underwear comes when it matches like a great pair of shoes or your coat and purse. Grab a stylish sports bra and bikini brief that are perfect for a little matching action with the rest of your collection. Or pick the design available here that speaks to your personal style so well that you’ll want to coordinate all your outfits with the hidden bits.

Go from a cozy couch potato situation to a high energy game of basketball without needing to change your underpants. You’ll be cheering on your favorite cartoon on the couch then cheering about the way you feel while sprinting up and down the court or changing in the locker room thanks clever designs and breathable material.

Show off the things you’re passionate about and stay comfortable for any activity when you shop our selection of PSD underwear. Out of the design you love? Check back often, we update our collections regularly to keep our customers happy and ready to express themselves with everything they own! From the essentials to the extras and for gift or personal use, you’ll have just what you’re after with a pair or set of PSD underwear!