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Pirate Gifts

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Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrr ye lookin' fer some fine presents to give to the scurvy scoundrel in yer life? Well then, just take a look at our pirate gifts! We carry toys, costumes, apparel, and even some kitchen gadgets based on swashbuckling seadogs! They'll have your friends and family feeling like true buccaneers in no time!
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Stephen Joseph Pirate Hooded Towel
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Men's Shipwreck Captain CostumeMade By Us
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Plus Size Women's Captain Hook Costume with HatMade By Us  
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Well, it's good to see you here on Pirate Island! This is where all kinds of buccaneers and scallawags find themselves while traveling all over the Information Oceanway. Every sailor ends up on the secret island, eventually. You might be the deckhand that prefers to stay out of trouble, the captain of a daring vessel that steers into the storm on the hunt for treasure, or even a Pirate Monarch, the kings, queens, and royal raconteurs that rule over the seas. Perhaps you're even the matron of the Pirate Cove, the rowdiest of taverns for all the pirate folk. 

No matter what kind of pirate you are or why you've taken to the seas, it's important to always have the right kind of loot at your hip to ensure that you fit in (and stand out) wherever you go. 

With our wide variety of Pirate Gifts, you're sure to gain the favor of the Pirate King or even claim the crown of Pirate Island for yourself! Begin by mastering some of the games that only pirates know how to truly play. Roll your dice and prove that you've got what it takes to take down your rivals and win an even greater ship! Load up your ship with the best bounty and prove that you're the ultimate pirate with your friends.

If you've already proven yourself to be the master of the seven seas, then you might just need to decorate your home with all your loot. We have Pirate Gifts that will turn a standard den into a captain's cabin in a snap. From wall art to puzzles and even a number of wood or metal models, you can construct the ship of your dreams and surround yourself in golden doubloons! 

Make sure that your treasure is secure by keeping weapons at the ready. We carry mock pirate weapons that will be great on your walls or even secreted away in the sheathes at your side. (Just make sure that you're following the rules when sitting down to games. Weapons are either definitely not allowed or highly recommended, after all!) 

When you're ready for your adventure, gear up with some of our Pirate costumes. You might enjoy becoming a pirate maiden or an infamous captain. With our selection of pirate hats, boots, and more scarves than you can count, you're certain to find a look that you're going to treasure. You can even find costumes that will help you bring to life some of your favorite storybook pirates. Captain Hook would love to shake your hand (well, kind of) and the Dread Pirate Roberts is a signature character who is always looking for the next to take up the mantle. 

Scroll through our selection of Pirate Gifts to find the bounty that you and your friends and family have always wanted. And, we can promise, these ones are only cursed with the kind of magic that will give you a great time!