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Pirate Costume Ideas

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Planning on setting sail on a pirate adventure? Just check out our selection of pirate costumes! We have a wide variety of outfits designed to make you feel like a scurvy swashbuckler from the high seas, including costumes based on Pirates of the Caribbean, Renaissance-style pirate outfits suited for the Renaissance festival, and more! We even have styles for kids and plus sizes to get everyone in the family suited up as a brazen buccaneer!
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Red Pirate Beard

Products 1 - 6 of 6

Pirates have captivated us! From the daring Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean, to Captain Hook from Peter Pan, and even the handsome Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. Pirates spark that spirit of adventure inside all of us, so it's not really a big surprise that pirate cosplay is such a big thing across the world. Of course, we're no exception! We dream of traversing the high seas, looking for treasure, engaging in skullduggery, and making a name for ourselves as the greatest pirate captain that the world has ever seen! That's why we've gathered up some of the best pirate costumes across the web. We've even designed a few of our own. We want to make sure that everyone gets their chance to become a swashbuckling adventurer!

Our selection starts with a wide variety of pirate costumes for adults. We have plenty of choices for both men and women, including authentic pirate costumes that do a great job of recreating the look of real pirates from the 1700s. We also have some great adult pirate costumes that will transform you into Jack Sparrow, Captain Morgan, and many others. We also bring you some of the best selection of women's pirate costumes! That means you can set sail on your own high seas adventures like Anne Bonny or Mary Read!

We also carry a great selection of pirate costumes for kids. After all, some kids are more adventurous than adults, they're going to need a great pirate outfit too if they want to join the crew. Whether you're looking for a classic outfit, or something that puts a modern, cute twist on the classic pirate look, we have something for every kid who wants to dress like a pirate!

Now, let's talk about pirate accessories for a moment! Every buccaneer needs to carry an assortment of weapons on their journey, which is why we have tons of toy weapons to choose from. You can find the classic pirate cutlass here, along with toy pistols to help arm yourself for the next big cosplay event. And pirate hats? Forget about it! We have all the styles you need to customize your pirate captain costume. We also carry things like simple bandanas, pirate boots, and wigs to help you become the scurvy swashbuckler that you've always dreamed of becoming. To top it all off, we have eyepatches and earrings to put the finishing touch on your classic look!

If you plan on doing some pirate cosplay this year, then you won't want to miss out on our selection of cool pirate costumes! We truly have a look for any aspiring scurvy scallywag out there!