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Combine the ultimate in fun when you add ninjitsu to the power of LEGO. (Or is it the other way around?) We're not sure which came first, but we know that these Ninjago Gifts are certain to be the building block to amazing power. Master the might of Spinjitzu whether you're building the Ninjago LEGO Sets or jumping into the fun with our Ninjago costumes.
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Child Green Ninja Costume
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

LEGO has given us worlds of entertainment for years but we never knew we needed the story of six teenage LEGO ninjas and their adventures against the forces of darkness until we met Ninjago. Now, it is everywhere with over thirteen seasons of fun! Still, it isn't enough to just get your Ninjago entertainment on Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. How else can you spin into the Spinjitzu excitement? Fortunately, we're happy to support you and yours with our selection of Ninjago Gifts! 

Ninjago already features a realm that brings elemental weapons like the Shurikens of Ice, the Sword of Fire, the Scythe of Quakes, and the Lightning Nunchucks. Then we've got a few awesome dragons to guard the relics and a mixture of robot suits, cell phones, and ancient mythology all at once! All it needed was a way to let us dive even more into the world. Naturally, the first step is with a collection of Ninjago costumes. You can help your tykes leap into the fun as Kai, Jay, and Lloyd and channel their inner ninja power! (If you're not sure which, they can just pick their favorite Red, Green, or Blue Ninja Master look!) 

When they are ready to build a realm of majesty and peace, your tykes will not need to look any further than our collection of Ninjago Lego Sets. They make for a perfect Ninjago gift as it lets them relive their favorite moments from the show as well as create brand new adventures. Help them uncover the secrets of the Green Dragon or go on an exciting ride with Zane's snowmobile. The adventures never end, especially when you gather multiple sets into one! Build the whole Ninjago world together! 

When it is time to relax, either to snuggle up to sleep or to watch more of the Ninjago action on the stream, we have a selection of Ninjago Plush Toys that are there to make everything more fun, too. We're not sure what kind of Spinjitzu move turns these LEGO characters into snuggly Ninjago plushies, but we know that you and yours will love gathering the whole crew together. With all this fun just waiting for you, strike a pose and lets Nin-Ja-Go!