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Ducktales MUNCHKIN Card Game

Product Description

The Golden Victory

Anyone who has ever watched the Disney ducks on grand adventures in and out of Duckburg already knows that the quest for gold and treasure is real. Unca Scrooge didn't get to dive into the (somehow comfortable) vault of gold by just hanging around and waiting for his interest rates to go up. (Frankly, Scrooge isn't the type to trust banks, anyway.) 

No! It requires looking for trouble, defeating mysterious baddies from burglars to the occasional quasi-vampire sorceress, and truly leveling up that wealth. Have we gotten your DuckTales motors revving? Are you ready to dive into the adventure once again? Well, we're ready to make that fantasy come true! 

Fun Details

DuckTales fantasies are exactly the way to think of it when it comes to this DuckTales Munchkin card game! If you're already familiar with the Munchkin rules, you'll be ready to dive into the epic treasures right away. If not, we can help you get started. You'll join up with (ideally) 3-6 players and each choose one of the iconic DuckTales characters. You start at 'level 1' and get some treasures to start! By drawing and playing cards, you'll encounter all sorts of enemies from the classic cartoon. Defeat them so you can level up and get some extra gold. Lose and you might have to deal with "bad stuff." Get some help from friends and share the rewards! Be the first to level 10 and you win... But, watch out! Your so-called friends might play cards to make that final level really difficult. 

Treasures Await

We all love our DuckTales and can't get enough of Munchkin. The two combine in this stand-alone version of the game that lets you explore Duckburg in a whole new and exciting way! 

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Items Included
  • 168 Cards
  • 6 Role Cards
  • 6 Trackers
  • Die
  • Instructions
Product Highlights
  • For 3 to 6 players
  • Ages 10+
  • Game materials and instructions are in English
  • Officially licensed
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