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Disney Minnie Mouse RC Vehicle update
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Minnie Mouse 18" Plush
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Minnie Mouse Roadster Racer Bow RC
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Minnie Mouse 13pc Tea Set
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Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Rockin' Guitar update
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Minnie Mouse 17 pc Tea Set
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Minnie Mouse Roadster Stars R/C
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Minnie Foam Puzzle Mat Boxed
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Blue Minnie Pillow Buddy
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Products 1 - 33 of 33

Ever hear the phrase, "behind every great man there's a great woman?" Whenever we hear this, we always think of the iconic couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Basically, the term 'couple goals' was invented especially for them. If they got anymore perfect, we'd honestly barf that's how cute they are. They've been together for over 85 years and definitely deserve an anniversary party of a lifetime. We could gush over Mickey and Minnie as a power couple for days on end, but for the purpose of this category, we are going to narrow our focus on the mouse with the most, the lady behind all the magic, the polka-dot princess, the one and only...Minnie Mouse! 

Minnie is really a special mouse, one of the many reasons why Mickey fell in love with her, but Mickey isn't the only one who loves her; lots of people adore the bow-wearing mouse, including us. (We make our Minnie obsession pretty obvious, don't we?). Whether you're the one who's completely infatuated or you know someone who is, we have Minnie Mouse toys and trinkets to make all your Disney dreams come true. Whether you're on the hunt for a Minnie doll that will make your young daughter, niece or cousin smile from ear to ear or you want a collectible Minnie figurine to display inside a display case, you've come to the right place. There's so much Minnie merchandise, you'll giggle just like the high-pitched mouse! 

If the Minnie-fanatic you know lists snack time and naps as her favorite activities then she'll love our selection of Minnie plushies. We have pillow buddies which make the best snugglers when its time to settle down for a nap or get ready for bed, although Minnie Mouse dream lites are another great option for tiny sleepyheads. Once the plush Minnie pillow is pressed, it lights up the room with beautiful twinkling stars so it doubles as a nightlight too. Also, don't forget to check out our other Minnie stuffed dolls and figures like the Minnie Mouse Pop Star Doll. 

Little darlings who are always on-the-go will fall in love with our many activity sets. She'll love hosting a tea party for all her dolls and stuffed toys with the Minnie Mouse 17-piece tea set which comes with tiny teacups and plates. Get ready to be invited to tons of tea parties in her room! She'll also love the Minnie Mouse wooden double-sided easel. It's great for little artists who dream about being animators when they grow up like Walt Disney. 

From hand puppets to puzzles to boomboxes to cosmetic set to playhouses and even ukuleles, there's Minnie Mouse merchandise for all ages because everyone loves Minnie. Let us know which Minnie Mouse product you purchased and how you like it by leaving a review in the comment section. We'd love to hear all about it. Don't forget to leave product recommendations so we can bring you all the Minnie merch you want to get your hands on!