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Whether you love cartoons from the 80s or can't get enough of the modern reboots, bringing home collectibles from the Masters of the Universe is sure to be just the thing to give you the power (of fun)! From He-Man Pop! figures to She-Ra action figures and more, these Masters of the Universe collectibles are the perfect things for any sword and sorcery lover!
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POP Pins Masters of the Universe Skeletor
Sale - 67%
Funko POP Pins Masters of the Universe He Man
Clearance  - 60%
POP Pins Masters of the Universe She Ra
Clearance  - 67%
POP Vinyl: Masters of the Universe- Snake Man-At-Arms Figure
Clearance  - 58%
He Man Geeki Tiki
Up to 36 % off – See low price in cart
Power Princess Costume
Netflix He-Man Child Costume
Sale - 25%
Out of Stock
Skeletor Geeki Tiki
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Womens She-Ra Costume
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POP Vinyl MOTU Clamp Champ
Funko POP Vinyl MOTU Merman
Funko POP Vinyl MOTU Horde Trooper
Products 1 - 56 of 56

What happens when heroic characters combine with magical powers in a science fiction setting? Well, other than something pretty amazing, you might have found yourself in Eternia alongside the Masters of the Universe. While this animated adventure began in the early ‘80s as a sword and sorcery epic brought to the world through an assortment of Mattel action figures, it has grown to so much more! A couple of action films and several Netflix original adaptations have given a complete rebirth to some of our favorite heroes from the last generation.

If you would like to get in on the fun, there are several ways that you can dive right in. (And none of them will actually require that you travel to Castle Grayskull and call upon the ancient power, either.) All you need to do to enjoy some of our Masters of the Universe merchandise is to scroll through this epic category and discover the fun within!

Perhaps you’d like to begin with a Masters of the Universe collection that would make any other fan twinge with jealousy right down to their Skeletor bones! Well, you’ll find a ton of Masters of the Universe action figures right here! Bring He-Man and Master-at-Arms together to confront the dreaded skeletal sorcerer and set the stage for the Sorceress and Evil-Lyn to finally discover who can command the ultimate in magical talents. You’ll find Masters of the Universe figures based on the original collection as well as the new adaptations, too. Whether the gritty realism of Masters of the Universe: Revelation or enjoy the bright CGI effects of the new incarnation, there are plenty to choose from.

If your love for Masters of the Universe was inspired by the heroic actions of She-Ra, we have even better news! You can suit up in style with She-Ra costumes and vinyl figures featuring the Princess of Power, herself. While enjoying some Masters of the Universe cosplay, you won’t be missing out on the accessories of power, either. Hold aloft the Power Sword, the Sword of Protection, or even Skeletor’s Staff and feel like you are right there with the host of strange and stranger cast of characters!

Who is your favorite Masters of the Universe character? That is the kind of question that could send anyone into a quandary! You won’t have to choose when you bring Trap Jaw, Grizzlor, Mosquitor, Beast Man, Catra, and Battle-Cat together with your brand new set of Masters of the Universe collectibles. Whether you started gathering up these MOTU toys in the ‘80s or are just putting together your first set now, it’s time for you to have the power and join the Eternian team!