Lost Cities Card Game

Lost Cities Card Game
Lost Cities Card Game
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It's pretty dangerous to run out into the wilderness. That's especially true if you're poking around in areas that are unmapped, where ancient ruins may be hiding. Will you have the resources to find something amazing!? 


Simulate the adventure of discovering ancient civilizations in the comfort of your own place with the card game, Lost Cities. In this 2-player game, you'll spend about 30 minutes playing and discarding cards as you attempt to have the most fruitful of expeditions into the wilderness. Cards are colored in 5 (or, optionally, 6) suits and numbered from 2 to 10, plus the 'wager' card. On your turn, you may discard cards or play them to the appropriate field. The numbers may only ever increase but you can begin with 'wagers' if you have them available.

The round ends when all cards are drawn and played or discarded. In each field you played a card, you lose 20 points for the expedition, but you gain points equal to the sum of the cards you were able to play. Your total score is multiplied (for good or bad) based on how many wager cards you played (and you get a bonus 20 if you played at least 8 cards on a field). Jot down your score and play a total of three rounds to figure out the winner of this polite adventure. 


It's gonna be a gamble to head out into the wilds to find something, but if you have some luck and a strategic mind, the risk might net you an amazing win in this quick, two-player game! If you want to amp up the play, try the board game version!

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Items Included
  • Game Board
  • 45 Expedition Cards
  • 15 Wager Cards
  • Rule Booklet
Product Highlights
  • Lost Cities Card Game
  • For 2 players
  • Ages 10+
  • Game play takes approx. 30 minutes
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