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Do you have a Stephen King fan on your gift list? If so IT gifts are sure to be a hit! Whether horror lovers are fans of the book, the original miniseries, or the blockbuster movies, they're sure to find unique treats in this catalog. From fashionable details such as pins and t-shirts to collectibles and Pennywise toys, there's something for everyone!
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IT Pennywise Clothed 8 Action Figure
Sale - 27%
Pennywise Splatter Face Men's T-Shirt Upd
Clearance  - 40%
IT Pennywise 1990 8in Clothed Action Figure Update
Sale - 33%
It Pennywise Clown Big Face Beanie Update
Clearance  - 28%
IT Pennywise Sublimated Socks for Adults
Clearance  - 30%
IT Pennywise 1990 Head Knocker
Sale - 33%

IT Pennywise 1990 Head Knocker

IT Pennywise Adult Neck Gaiter Update
Sale - 40%

IT Pennywise Adult Neck Gaiter

IT Pennywise Flip Down Beanie
Sale - 13%
IT Pennywise Shaped Playing Cards
Sale - 20%
Razor Teeth Clown Face Mask
Sale - 20%
Classic Horror Clown Costume Women's
Sale - 17%
Products 1 - 13 of 13

Horror fans know that there's one true modern horror King. We're not enforcing a monarchy of creep or anything, his name is King, Stephen King, and he's made modern life a lot more creepy. Since he wrote Carrie in 1974, we've been "#blessed" with all sorts of horrific yet strangely beautiful and picturesque tales. The one that captures our heart and imagination the most is the colorful and timeless tale, IT.

We wonder what it would be like to live in the little town of Derry. Despite the small and quiet state of the place, there's no way it could be labeled as peaceful. That wild-haired clown that lurks on street corners during disasters and waits in ditches and sewers before children go missing bar anyone from ever really feeling at peace. But still, it's a place many horror fans have visited again and again, reliving an epic tale of seemingly powerless kids overcoming a timeless godlike entity. 

Lucky for you, if you're looking for the perfect Pennywise present for an IT fan in your life, we have a wide variety of IT gifts! Give your family game night a creepy twist with the Clue IT board game. The Clue game has items from the movie for characters. The board also has placed throughout to represent significant places in Derry and important items that help the seven take down Pennywise. 

Looking for the perfect IT apparel? Pennywise decorates all sorts of clothing from socks, t-shirts, and all sorts of clownish costumes. You might even get a Loser's Club tote bag to keep all your Stephen King books in on a trip to your local library. Or pack your lunch in the colorful Pennywise tin tote. It has a handle and just enough room for a PB&J sandwich, carrot sticks, and dessert... or your homemade silver bullets. You never know what'll happen when you're dealing with IT!

Do you want a unique IT gift that's sure to take anyone by surprise? You'll have all sorts of looks like the IT Pennywise Burst a Bow that'll remind you of the Jack-in-the-box of innocent times gone by. You could also give your morning coffee a sinister twist with a Pennywise coffee mug that features poor Georgie in his yellow rain jacket. Or if an IT fan needs to keep their desk organized, the IT Pennywise sculpted mug will be a creepy way to keep pens, pencils, and other objects in place. 

While we're focusing on the epic story, IT, we can't forget about the wide variety of collectibles. Bring the movie to life with an interactive scale action figures that have changeable features to represent the Stephen King masterpiece. Or keep it creepy with an IT talking Pennywise doll. Want a little stocking stuffer for Christmas? Our mystery minis will delight IT fans without breaking the bank. And of course, you could always celebrate the heroes of the story with Pop vinyl figures that feature the seven in their adolescent glory. 

Whether you're looking for apparel or collectibles, you're sure to find plenty of options for the horror fans in your life. Now all you have to do is focus on the positive to shake off those Pennywise inspired nightmares.