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Harry Potter Apparel & Accessories

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Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be boring just because you spend most of your time in the muggle world. Show off your wizard pride with our selection of Harry Potter apparel and accessories! With everything from Hogwarts house ties to Harry Potter t-shirts, you’ll find something magical for everyday and occasion!
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Harry Potter Red Black Gryffindor Robe-1
Sale - 17% Exclusive
Knitted Hufflepuff Hat

Knitted Hufflepuff Hat

Womens Harry Potter Hogwarts Knee High Socks Update Main
Clearance  - 50%
Toddler Harry Potter 2 Pair Sleep Set
Sale - 36%
Harry Potter Womens Hufflepuff Knee High Socks
Clearance  - 30%
Harry Potter Multicolor Symbols A-Line Dress for Women
Clearance  - 57%
Harry Potter Waiting on my Hogwarts Letter update1
Clearance  - 75%
Harry Potter Hogwarts Hoodie Dress
Clearance  - 27%
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Logo Men's Black T-Shirt
Clearance  - 53%
Gryffindor Womens Plus V Neck Tee
Sale - 20%
Hufflepuff Womens Plus V Neck Tee
Sale - 20%
Gryffindor Juniors Plus Raglan Tee
Sale - 40%
Gryffindor Infinity Scarf
Ravenclaw Harry Potter 1" Suspenders
Clearance  - 30%
Harry Potter Hogwarts Waterprint Crew Sock1
Clearance  - 60%
Harry Potter Marauders Map Backpack
Sale - 13%
Products 1 - 60 of 330

In 1997 the world was introduced to the boy who lived, and a Permanent Sticking Charm was cast on every fan. The books, written by J.K. Rowling, made their ways into the hands and hearts of children and adults alike. By 2001 the imagined world made its way to the big screen for Potterheads everywhere to see their favorite characters in action. Seven books were turned into 8 movies and every fan was welcomed into the wizarding world. From books to movies to theme parks and plays, Harry Potter became the phenomenon to define an entire generation, and if we have it our way, it’ll stick around for generations to come!

Whether you fly your Hogwarts house colors every day or you’re just looking for a charming gift for the Potterhead in your life, you’ve come to the right place! In our selection of Harry Potter apparel and accessories, you’ll find something special to add to any magical wardrobe. With Harry Potter clothes for men and women, Hogwarts alumni can keep the pride alive. You’ll find Harry Potter clothes for girls and boys as well, so even the youngest fans will be ready to join the wizarding world!

Fill your wardrobe with magic, from outerwear to socks, we have everything you might want to make all your outfits enchanting! Though they might not do the sorting, with a Harry Potter hat you can keep your ears warm or cheer-on your favorite Quidditch house team in style! Maybe grab a scarf to match your Hogwarts house knit cap or a Harry Potter hoodie. Snuggle up in your house’s common room with a pair of Harry Potter slippers keeping your toes warm and a blanket that wears like your Hogwarts work robes. Then get your little witches and wizards to join you for a Harry Potter movie marathon in their own cozy PJs!

When it’s time to venture off to school or work, you’ll find accessories and clothing items that are up for the task! Grab a dress or necktie for Monday morning and a Harry Potter sweatshirt for casual Friday. Pack the kids off for class with a Harry Potter backpack and keep everything you need with you inside a Harry Potter purse or wallet. Find subtle accessories like canvas shoes or wristwatch decorated with your favorite house colors and Harry Potter symbols or loud and proud items like Hedwig earrings or a Hogwarts varsity jacket!

When you shop with us, you’ll find Harry Potter clothing and accessories to get you ready from head to toe. From hats and socks to t-shirts, skirts, and pajamas there’s something for every Potterhead to show off their fan status. So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or another fan, give us a look and we’ll get these magical items shipped to you quicker than the Owl Post!