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Gadgets are life. Seriously, can you imagine going through a day without some of your must-have electronics? Well, we have the hook-up when it comes to electronics. Here, you can find geeky gadgets, headphones, and some other battery-operated devices that will help you in your daily travels!
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Products 1 - 10 of 10

Calling all tech junkies! You know who you are. You love having all the latest products, all the coolest new things, and if there's a brand new unique USB drive drive on the market rest assured you know all about it. If you consider yourself one of these types of people, then you're going to feel right at home in our Geeky Gadgets category here on We like to have a wide range of products so you can find something to give that person on your list that already has everything. We have so many gadgets, gizmos, and new tech that you're sure to find something. Isn't the 21st century cool?

Geeky Gadgets Gift Ideas

Shopping for the tech wizard in your life? Got a kiddo that’s just discovered the joy of their music? Or perhaps you’re looking for a different way than another nerdy kitchen appliance to make cooking dinner more fun. Whatever the need, our selection of cool geeky headphones, speakers, and other electronics is here to help!

Surprise your favorite techie with a Star Wars speaker that takes their set-up to a galaxy far, far away. Give the youngster in your life a chance to explore music with Disney electronics. And turn up the fun whether you’re cleaning the house, going for a jog, or tuning in for your favorite podcast with superhero headphones. After reading our handy gift guide, you’ll be ready to discover all that and more for you and yours!

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

From imitating a parent on their phone as a toddler to engineering tin can phones used to whisper between friends, kids have always been fascinated by communicating with people that aren’t standing right next to them. But no electronic makes talking across distances more fun than walkie-talkies! So much so, that even adults continue to enjoy playing with the techy toys! And here you’ll find walkie-talkies best suited for kids and adults!

So, build up a toy collection at home with toys that promise to please for years to come! With walkie-talkies in the toybox, you’ll encourage epic games of tag, bring another level of strategy and teamwork to hide-and-seek, and even help the video game-obsessed youngster in your life to take a break and enjoy some IRL play. And, of course, the kid-at-heart adults won’t refuse a game involving the short-range walkie-talkies they loved or wanted as kids themselves!

Cool Bluetooth Speakers

Cool Bluetooth Speakers

Being able to listen to your favorite music wherever you go has been a popular ask since the Walkman put cassette tapes in your pocket in 1979. As music tech evolved so did portable players. Then all audio media became available from a single device, and cell phone speakers don’t always create a quality listening experience. But Bluetooth speakers can! And here in our selection of geeky gadgetry, you’ll see we have Bluetooth speakers meant not only to let you crank the volume to 11 at your next beach party, but that let you and yours indulge in special interests like Star Wars, Nintendo, and even kawaii culture!

Star Wars Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you’re listening to John Williams’ iconic Star Wars soundtrack or nerding out to some Cantina Band bangers, a Star Wars Bluetooth speaker is a must-have! A favorite option in our selection brings Grogu to any party. Connected to your chosen device the charming Child will even groove to what’s playing. Officially licensed and ready to go with just a few AA batteries, this cool Star Wars merch makes a great gift for you or the Force-sensitive soul in your life!

Kids Bluetooth Speakers

What differentiates kids’ speakers from adult speakers? Ease of use! Well, and kid-friendly designs. Luckily, our Bluetooth speaker collection offers both! Bring sing-along fun wherever you and the kiddo go with a Poppy Bluetooth speaker. Or take playtime dance parties to the next level with a Bluetooth-capable Mario speaker. From standard connect-and-play Bluetooth speakers to Bluetooth-enabled mics and karaoke machines, our kids’ options are sure to please!

Cute Bluetooth Speakers

Some aesthetics wither under the weight of a black speaker box. Even playing the latest K-Pop while nestled between plants and baubles, that dark shape won’t fit. Ensure good vibes and better views by adding cute speakers, Bluetooth enabled to avoid unsightly cords, of course, to your décor! With options like sparkling unicorns that’ll sing you to sleep and kawaii-faced puppies that love the camera, our selection offers pitch and picture-perfect harmony!

Unique Bluetooth Speakers

As detailed above, we’re not here to offer average. And our selection is always updating to ensure we’ve got unique gifts to fit any need. So, while Grogu or a big-eyed puppy may not be the style you’re after, you can rest assured that more is on the way! And once you’ve discovered the one-of-a-kind speaker for you and yours, impromptu kitchen dances will sound like they’re being DJ’d, and lullabies will play softly from speakers made for little eyes and ears.

Unique Headphones

Cool Headphones

Speakers are great! They let you comfortably share media with anyone in the room. But sometimes, you don’t want to share. Or maybe you’d just prefer not to listen to another episode of your roommate’s true crime pod. Perhaps video game audio coming out of your husband’s computer is disrupting an otherwise peaceful evening. All perfect times for headphones! Tune into a pumped-up playlist while mowing the lawn. Listen to the loudest EDM while gaming the night away. And reclaim some privacy for work-from-home meetings while the kids mess about when you shop our headphones selection!

Cute Headphones

If you’re looking to upgrade your cute earbuds with over-ear headphones, we have nerd-chic options just for you. But these sweet styles are even better for the kid in your life ready for their first pair! Kids can make just about anything cute, but over-the-ear headphones are majorly aww-inspiring—a tiny face squished between Mickey ears or under Jo-Jo Siwa bows, is picture-perfect! Plus, all our youth headphones keep those earworm songs playing just for them!

Star Wars Headphones

Look, we all know hopping around in a Jedi costume and swinging a prop lightsaber is awesome! But there’s something about playing the pilot heading to destroy the Death Star that really gets the imagination churning. And whether dressed for the mission or simply lounging around listening to some tunes, a pair of Star Wars headphones can bring the thrill of piloting a Rebel airship to the front of your mind! Or, at least, let you continue to enjoy your music in peace.

Disney Headphones

A pair of Disney headphones serve two very important needs. First, it helps the Disney fanatic show off their enthusiasm even if their entire Disney wardrobe is in the wash. Second, it means when your kiddo wants to listen to the Encanto, Frozen, or Moana soundtrack for the 11,257th time this week, you don’t have to! So, whether you’re trying to prevent getting “Let It Go” stuck in your head again or it’s time to surprise a Disney fan, “You’re Welcome” for this selection!

Funny Headphones

As far as funny goes, we can’t assume your sense of humor. You may think gifting your horror movie-obsessed brother a pair of Hello Kitty headphones is hilarious. We agree. But we’d never know without asking. Because your funny bone could also be tickled by Pikachu headphones that turn you into the beloved Pokémon, or a pair that is made for adults that continue to love their childhood favorite. Luckily, our selection has every goofy mood covered!