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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Funko POP Friends

Friends Funko Pops

If you're really looking to capitalize on the Friends' promise to always be there, a Friends Funko POP is sure to answer the call. Like all POP vinyl, our available Funko POP Friends TV figures turn your favorite characters into adorable bobblehead collectibles. You really can't go wrong. Unless you grab a Monica figure for a Phoebe fan or a Ross and Rachel for your newly-wed friends that are obsessed with the Bings. Nail whatever gifting challenge is ahead, after checking out the following Funko Friends gift ideas!

Central Perk Friends

For some fans, the Central Perk is the most important place in Friends. We'll get to the apartments. Without the cozy spot, Rachel wouldn't have the same casually dramatic entrance. Ross and Rachel wouldn't smooch for the first time to "Closing Time." Phoebe wouldn't build a fanbase for "Smelly Cat" and her charming holiday ballads. We'd never meet Gunther. But, before you scurry off to replicate the iconic coffee shop, start small with Funko Gunther or POP Pins guitar-carrying Phoebe, both ready to relive favorite moments with Friends enthusiasts!

Friends Collectibles

Speaking of fave moments, what's a collectible if not a reminder of iconic scenes or styles a franchise creates? Pull inspiration from Friends and our Friends POPs for endless gifting possibilities. Got a friend starting a new job? Skip the necktie. Wish them good luck with Cowboy Joey or POP Pin Rachel in her Central Perk apron! Everyone starts somewhere, after all, even your most successful friends. Maybe instead you want a personal pick-me-up. Cause a laugh riot with the TV pals dressed in costume; they might just inspire your next Halloween look!