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Is there any better way to bring a fairy tale to life than wearing... well, a fairy costume? It's kind of on the nose, we know. But it's so much fun. The sparkles! The wings! The wishes! What's not to love? All you need to do is choose what kind of fairy you want to be. Are you a wish-granting Fairy Godmother or the kind that flits about, making flowers bloom? Whatever kind of magical being you are, we've got you covered!
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Fairies have been with us for hundreds of years or more. Sometimes, they take the form of glimmering magical creatures that visit us from the brightest star at night to grant our wishes with their magical wands. Occasionally, they are our godmothers that look after us. They might be the spunky sidekicks to adventurous children. And, in some stories, they can even be the creepy will-o'-the-wisps that draw lost wanderers to their doom. In all of their mysterious forms, we can't get enough of these creatures from folklore. That's why we have so many Fairy costumes to help you create the look that you've been wishing for! 

There are a lot of different stories about a fairy's origin. They come from everywhere: Celtic, Irish, Scandinavian, Slavic, German, English folklore, and more! The stories give fairies all sorts of different roles. They can be minor demons or angels, spirits of trickery that have very strange rules they have to follow, and can even include creatures like goblins or gnomes! In fact, we can't even always agree on how the word is spelled! Fairy is the most common in storybooks, but you'll find a faerie or faery from time to time, too! 

In order to attract a fairy's attention, you usually have to leave a treat for them. It might be some sugared milk or beer that brings a brownie to your home. If you treat them well, they'll stick around for a long time and make your life much easier! There are also the elementals that appreciate folks who don't mind a little dust or drafty windows coming into the homestead. (If you have some kiddos, you might find that's true anyway!) Of course, there are the changelings, too! If your own kiddos are a little wilder than you can imagine, maybe the fairies have been having you raise one of their wild folk kiddos all along! 

No matter which origin you like, there are several Fairy costumes that you'll find in our category to choose from. Some are iconic characters that we know you will love bringing to life. Just imagine showing up in a flourish of your gown as Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil. She's a Dark Fairy and powerful sorceress that is just a little misunderstood! (Just imagine what would happen if Tinker Bell never got the attention that she demanded. Things could get scary real fast!) Fear not, though, the Fairy Godmother is always around to help set things right. Our Disney Fairy costumes can help you and the kiddos bring your favorite movies to life with the wave of a Fairy wand!

You can also invent your very own Fairy character costume by combining some of our Fairy accessories with some of your favorite looks. Choose some of our Fairy wings to turn your 1920s look into a Flapper Fairy. Some bright colored wigs, a tulle skirt, or a Renaissance outfit can turn you into a Sprite on a mission! 

Take a look through our Fairy Costume category... and we're happy to make your fairy wish come true! 


Fairy Halloween Costumes

Discover a magical world this Halloween with our enchanting collection of fairy costumes. Whether you're seeking something whimsical or a sexy fairy costume, our range offers an ethereal touch to your Halloween festivities. Perfect for those who love the allure of the fairy realm, these costumes come in various styles, from the delicate Tinker Bell-inspired designs to the more mystical vampire fairy costume options. Each costume is crafted to make you feel like you've stepped straight out of a storybook.

For those who admire the darker side of fairy tales, our gothic fairy costume options blend the traditional fairy look with a scarier twist. For women seeking to embody the grace and beauty of fairy lore, our women's fairy costume selection offers everything from classic to contemporary designs. These costumes are ideal for Halloween events, Renaissance fairs, or even a Mardi Gras celebration, adding a touch of fantasy wherever you go.

Fairy Costumes for Adults

Fairy Costumes for Adults

Adults can dive into the world of fantasy with our wide range of fairy costumes. From ethereal woodland creatures to dazzling rainbow sprites, there's a costume for every adult's fairy tale dream. Our sexy fairy costume is perfect for those looking to add a sultry spin to their Halloween look and we have fairy costumes for men and women alike! Capturing the magic and wonder of your favorite stories!

Fairy Costumes for Kids

Fairy Costumes for Kids

Kids can join in the fairy fun too with our adorable baby fairy costume and children's ranges. These delightful costumes, perfect for everything from Picture Day pride to St. Patrick's Day parades offer comfort and style for the littlest of fairies. From fluttering wings to sparkling tutus, each costume is designed to ignite their imagination, making them feel like they've flown straight out of a Peter Pan adventure.

Tooth Fairy Costumes

Become the hero of bedtime stories with our charming Tooth Fairy Costume. This costume is a hit for themed parties, dental events, or as a unique Halloween choice. It’s a playful nod to the classic childhood character, making it perfect for both adults and kids.

Woodland Fairy Costumes

Embrace the natural beauty of the forest with our Woodland Fairy Costume! Available in men's, women's, and children's styles, they are ideal for those who love the outdoors, these costumes merge the elegance of fairies with the rustic charm of the woods.

Fairy Costume Accessories

No fairy costume is complete without the right accessories. Our range includes everything from shimmering fairy wings to delicate fairy wands, adding that extra sparkle to your outfit. These accessories are versatile enough for a Queen or Princess look, bringing a royal touch to your fairy ensemble.

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings

Our fairy wings are the highlight of any fairy costume. With a variety of colors and styles, from subtle pastels to vibrant rainbow hues, these wings are perfect for completing your fairy tale look. They’re a must-have for any Cinderella or Storybook-themed party.

Fairy Wands

Fairy Wands

Add a touch of magic with our enchanting fairy wands. These beautifully crafted wands are ideal for casting spells at any carnival or magical gathering. They’re a whimsical addition to any fairy, wizard, or makeup-enhanced costume.

Fairy Shoes

Step into a fairy tale with our exquisite fairy shoes. Designed to match any fairy costume, these shoes are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for dancing at any Mardi Gras celebration or enchanted ball.

Fairy Crowns

Crown your fairy costume with our elegant fairy crowns. These crowns add a regal touch, making them suitable for any aspiring fairy queen or princess. They're the ultimate accessory for a Cinderella-themed event or any magical occasion.