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Caveman Gifts

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Get a little primal with your gift-giving! Out selection of caveman gifts includes things like apparel, toys, and costumes based on our prehistoric predecessors! We even have some cool swag based on the Flintstones and various types of classic dinosaurs. If you're looking for a REALLY old-school kind of gift for a friend, then this is where you want to be!
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

What do you get a Caveman for their birthday? Well, that's a pretty good question. Really, around that time, it seems like rocks were about the only thing that were readily available. Hard to get all that excited about a stone, right? Fortunately, we've opened up our time vortex and made it possible to not only give a caveman a gift that they've been longing for, but we can also bring some of their very best things into the modern world, too! 

So, the first question is what kind of caveman gift are you looking for? If you're trying to give a caveman a smile that'll last all of prehistory, you might be looking for a few accessories that will really help spice up their look. Now, the first thing your average cave-dweller could use is a nice hairdo. It's tough styling up your hair when you're stuck in the stone age. That's why we carry a bunch of Caveman Wigs that will bring your friends from floppy hair to fantastic style. Naturally, we feature the iconic Wilma Flintstone, whose red hair might have actually been the inspiration for the discovery of fire! Add a bone to your hair or try out some tiger fang jewelry to really show your primitive perfection! 

Of course, we also carry all the best in Bedrock fashion for those who want to bring the famous cartoon capers of the Flintstones to life. They say the best gift is a fun time (or at least we say that), so a Flintstones group costume featuring our caveman costumes is sure to make prehistory for everyone! 

When you're ready to break into the animal world of the stone age, we've got plenty that will make you bare your teeth in a massive grin. From inflatable dinosaur costumes to raptor bodysuits, you'll be able to bring out the best prehistoric times have to offer. It's a perfect way to give the gift of B.C. magic to your friends and family... because if digging up a dinosaur bone is fun, how great would it be to do so while wearing a dinosaur costume!? 

We carry some fun Caveman toys and accessories to bring your look to life. Try to imagine a caveman without a mighty club and you're going to be coming up missing something crucial. And what about their shoes? They walked on callouses the size of Fred Flintstone's nose, but we wouldn't expect you to do that. Those are just a few reasons why you'll find some stone-age gear that goes perfectly with your Caveman requirements. Funny feet shoes that give you the clodhoppers common for the caveman as well as unique looks that just might have inspired the future great catwalk! 

Scroll through our caveman category to find the very best Caveman gifts for your loved ones. We can guarantee that they'll help make a seriously historic moment!