Catan: Catan Histories - Rise of the Inkas Board Game

Catan: Catan Histories - Rise of the Inkas Board Game
Catan: Catan Histories - Rise of the Inkas Board Game
Product Description

History + Catan = Awesome

Incas and Catan go together like peanut butter and chocolate! This spin on the classic Catan game brings in the Inca civilization, letting you feel the rise and fall of one of the greatest cultures that the world has ever known! It makes learning about history a ton of fun.

Fun Details

Gameplay should be pretty familiar to veteran Catan players, but this variant adds some brand new mechanics to spice up the tried and true game. This time around, the game centers around building multiple civilizations that rise to prominence. Instead of victory points, you win when you've built your 3rd great tribe. Another cool switch from the original game is that board. It uses the same hex-style layout, but the map can change, as the jungle is an ever-evolving landscape. Cities even become overgrown after a while! The game also involves new resources to use, like fish, coca plants, and new basic resources like alpaca instead of sheep and potatoes instead of grains. 

Of course, some of your old favorite mechanics are back! You'll be building settlements and roads, just like in the classic game. You'll also be rolling dice to gather resources. You can still buy resource cards with your hard-earned resources and building the longest road also nets you in-game bonuses. It comes with all new pieces and cards to help you play the game and it's a full, stand-alone game, not an expansion. That means you don't need any other Catan games to enjoy this brand new take!

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Items Included
  • 29 Terrain Hexes
  • 8 Frame Pieces
  • 27 Number Tokens
  • 4 Culture Boards
  • 44 Culture Markers
  • 162 Cards
  • 68 Player Pieces
  • 16 Thicket Pieces
  • 1 Robber Piece w/ llama
  • 2 Dice
  • 3 Card Holders
  • Rule Book
  • Almanac
Product Highlights
  • Ages 12+
  • 90 minute play time
  • 3-4 players
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