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Creative Services

Graphic Design, Multimedia & Copywriting

Making something beautiful appear out of thin air is what these departments do! Our Multimedia team take photos and video of products and models and edit them in a way that they’re attractive to anybody looking for something new and fun. Our Copywriters turn mere product descriptions into stories that delight, entertain and inform all

those who read them by giving each product its own unique spin. Our Graphic Designers create all of the art you see on our pages, emails, infographics, packaging and so much more! With their powers combined, our Creative Services teams help make a force to be reckoned with in our industry.

Available Jobs in Creative Services

Full-Time Positions

The following positions are accepting résumés for immediate hire.

Job TitleDepartment
In-House Content WriterCreative Services

Do you know an insane amount of nerdy details about Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and every other pop culture property out there (like, way too much knowledge for your own good)? If you answered “Heck yes, I do!” then we might have a place for you on our Copywriting team at is an online retailer that sells toys, Halloween costumes, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and all kinds of other stuff through our group of E-Commerce websites and All these products need well-written, customer-friendly product descriptions, so you’ve got to have the “right stuff” to do it well.


So, what is the “right stuff” to be a Content Writer for We have TONS of toys, costumes, and gadgets that all need a loving writer to use the written word to bring out the inner character in each and every one! Since we’re looking to have engaging content for our customers, we need a writer who’s up to the challenge of using their creativity to approach all of these items from different angles. We want copy that’s fluid and entertaining to read, authoritative, personality-driven, and perhaps most of all, FUN, so we only want writers who are willing to infuse their own enthusiasm into their writing.


Since you’ll be getting paid for your words, you’d better be good at using them! This means a solid knowledge of grammar and the English language, but that’s not the only thing we’re looking for in a writer. We want people who know and love the kind of products they’re writing about, so you should come armed with an intuitive knowledge base of pop culture, nerd culture or sports. You should also be able to work well independently, but still able to get along in group project situations and meet deadlines.


We hope to hear what you have to say about a Lightsaber-Shaped Spoon in some gorgeous unparalleled copy very soon!


When you do apply, be sure to include your resume and cover letter. In addition please send a writing sample around 500 words long to or include it within your cover letter in the application.

Applications submitted without an enclosed writing sample will not be considered.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Write (and rewrite) product content for our websites and product pages that is both entertaining and informational
  • Occasionally write content for blog-style content on our webpages
  • Stay up-to-date on the best practices for search engine optimization techniques
  • Regularly meet goals and deadlines
  • Be able to work out of our North Mankato Office
  • Other duties as assigned
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Moderate Microsoft Office and Excel Proficiency
  • Use of the Internet. But since you’re reading this on the Internet, this point is probably redundant
  • Superlative command of written English. Paint us a word picture with your cover letter. Or submit it in limerick form. On second thought: definitely submit your cover letter in limerick form
  • Attention to detail – Grammar, spelling, proper knowledge of Star Wars characters and weapons, etc. are all important
  • Ability to work independently
  • Charismatic writing ability
  • Really not kidding about that limerick thing
Preferred Skills
  • B.S./B.A. in English, Creative Writing, Marketing, Communications, or other writing-intensive discipline

Wage - Depends on Qualifications

To apply for this position click here.Applications submitted without a 500 word writing sample will not be considered.

Website Merchandising SpecialistCreative Services, home of, is in need of the right person to take our sales to the next level.  The Website Experience department is looking for a savvy shopper to help pair related products and accessories together to increase average sales on our sites.

The Website Merchandising Specialist helps to ensure that all of our products are online and present on our sites in an extremely timely fashion.  Since the Website Merchandising Specialist is working day in and day out with our products, they naturally develop an intimate understanding of our product lines, often discovering depths of nerdery they didn’t even know existed!  They will then use that new-found knowledge to position our products in most opportune areas on our sites to maximize their sales potential.

Are you the kind of person who walks through the aisles of a store, sees something seemingly out of place, and feels a compulsion to reposition it correctly?  Does it drive you nuts when products aren’t properly faced?  Have you looked at a planogram and thought you could have come up with a better merchandising plan?  Good, because that’s the kind of person that we want on the Merchandising team!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Ensure all new products are online and available for sale
  • Position/reposition products on sites to maximize visibility and create better search/browsing results
  • Collaborate with Purchasing and Marketing teams to learn more about products and initiatives for increase revenue
  • Find new ways to feature and present products on mobile and standard sites
  • Suggest related products and accessories to upsell on the websites
  • Other duties as assigned
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • BA or BS in Business, Marketing, Communications, Merchandising or equivalent amount of retail merchandising experience
  • Strong communicator
  • Ability to make informed decisions quickly, based on collected data
  • Highly detailed and organized
  • Ability to stay focused while working on repetitive tasks
  • Preference for working independently, but can still function well in a team environment
  • Strong desire for continual change and innovation
Preferred Skills
  • Previous experience in data entry
  • Prior e-commerce merchandising experience

Wage - Depends on qualifications

To apply for this position click here.

Part-Time Positions
Job TitleDepartment
There are currently no jobs available.
On-Call Positions has various on-call positions available from time to time.

Makeup ArtistCreative Services

All of us at specialize in dreaming up costumes and bringing them to life! From brainstorming to the creation of next year’s biggest hit costume, we do it all! And right now, we’re looking for an on-call makeup artist to bring our costumes to life!

As an on-call makeup artist, you will work with our Multimedia team in our onsite studio to complete the look for our costumes. That’s right, we are looking for someone skilled in everything from zombie makeup to beauty makeup for a princess costume. If you have experience applying and removing character and/or beauty makeup and are regularly available for short periods of time during normal office hours [Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 5:00 pm] then we want to see what you got! No need to bring your own supplies. We have a fully stocked beauty bar – the beauty bar of your dreams!

Do you obsessively watch online makeup tutorials? Do you call yourself a beauty guru? Looking for a way to exercise your makeup creativity? You may be exactly what we’re looking for!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Apply a variety of makeup looks on talent; including men, women and children. Don’t worry, we don’t require any makeup for pet costumes! That’s really not a thing anyway...hopefully. Although maybe you can be the first?
  • Create dramatic character and theatrical makeup using mostly water based face paints. Some old age and injury looks are required using extreme highlight/shadow with occasional FX makeup
  • Create basic beauty makeup looks for photo shoots
  • Removing special FX makeup from talent at the end of photo shoots
  • Prep supplies for makeup application and maintain an organized and clean work area
  • Clean makeup kits, makeup bins and makeup counter after each photo shoot
  • Alter and maintain makeup during photo sessions as needed
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Creativity, imagination and problem solving ability
  • Must be able to apply makeup quickly and accurately. Average application time for beauty makeup must be completed between 10-15 minutes per look. Character makeup is given 30 minutes per look
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Experience with dramatic character, theatrical, facepaint and special FX makeup
  • Knowledge of special FX makeup applications, including creating a build up from scratch without the use of a prosthetic
  • Comfortability working with a variety of people of all ages
  • Ability to work efficiently in fast paced environments under pressure
  • Advanced knowledge of makeup hygiene practices to follow before and after applying makeup
  • Working knowledge of how to use with latex, adhesives and adhesive removers
  • Must have flexible daytime availability as photo shoots are typically during office hours

Wage - Depends on qualifications

Please send your resume, cover letter and samples of previous work to:

Hard copy photos as well as presentations of your work are also acceptable.

ModelsCreative Services

We are currently looking for male and female models in the following sizes for our Halloween costume lines and apparel: 2T toddler, child medium (7/8), women's size 2/4, men's size medium, and women's plus size 16. If you are outgoing and photogenic, please fill out an application and upload a head shot and full-body shot.

Wage - $25.00 / hr

Click here to fill out an application.

Contract Positions
There are currently no jobs available.
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