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Breaking Bad Gifts

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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Who'd have thought that a mild-mannered chemistry teach could go bad and end up running one of the largest crime rings in the south-western United States? Okay, so maybe a title like Breaking Bad kind of implies that something like that is in the realm of possibility, but that never kept us from being on the edge of our seat during the airing of the show. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul gave amazing performances that will be remembered throughout television history! Television history we tell you! Think we're being dramatic? Well, it's just because we love that show so much! That's why we've put together some cool swag based on the AMC show.

Our Breaking Bad gifts include all sorts of items that make for the perfect gift for anyone that loves the show as much as we do. We carry an assortment apparel and collectibles from the show, like t-shirt, ReAction figures and POP vinyls. We even have a Heisenberg themed Mr. Potato Head for those who like some spuds mixed in with their criminal mastermind! We even have a Breaking Bad style costume, for that special someone in your life who wants to act out some of the riveting scenes from the series!