Published on November 7, 2016

Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes at

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Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes

Irregular Choice’s Cinderella shoes are here now at! This fantasy collection offers enchanted animated images straight from the Disney film, Cinderella, along with decadent prints and detail fit for a true princess. Each shoe is beautifully hand-made with unique design and characteristics that will set these shoes apart from any other. Step into Cinderella’s coach and begin to explore these extraordinary and spellbinding shoes.

Irregular Choice Cinderella Heels


“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Cinderella Gracious Dreamer Light Up Heel     Cinderella Faith In Dreams Heel

Cinderella Sparking Slipper Light Up Heel

It’s not easy being prepared and trying to looking your best for Prince Charming’s any given arrival, however, by stepping into these featured heels you’ll look like a princess in every moment. The Cinderella Gracious Dreamer and the Cinderella Sparkling Slipper heel shine bright with an angelic coat of glitter on each style. Decorated in LED lights, both of these numbers will flash with your every step.  The Gracious Dreamer comes in a royal gold glitter, while the Sparking Slipper twinkles with silver that proves you’re a princess in the making. Exquisite double layered bows fastened on each heel with matching shimmering colors add the perfect touch for a true magical moment. Dare to dream with these next heels, Cinderella Faith in Dreams heel. The blue whimsical pumps are perfect for the everyday daydreamer. Paired with dainty medallions on each toe, they feature a Cinderella ambiance that will remind you to have faith in your dreams all day long.


"It will do magic, believe it or not, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo."

Cinderella So This Is Love Heel    Cinderella Bibiddi Bobbidi White Flower Heel

We can’t help but say each shoe in the Cinderella collection is our favorite, but the Cinderella So This is Love Heel takes the gold.  Breathtaking is the only word to describe this masterpiece. Delicate and flowing print covers the shoe from heel to toe in a beautiful champagne sheen. The helpful bluebirds are embroidered on the toes along with the sweet saying, “So This Is Love," split between each pair. Secondly shown, the Bibiddi Bobbidi White Flower Heel has its own many unique features. Shiny black satin and a full white flower decorate this high heel. Artfully displaced on the back of the shoe is the image of Cinderella’s coach awaiting her majesty’s arrival to bring her to the ball.

Cinderella Irregular Choice Wedge

“Have faith in your dreams, and someday your rainbow will come smiling through.”

Cinderella Call Me Cinders Wedge Character Heel

The Call Me Cinders wedge is packed with character and Disney inspiration. The main attraction to this shoe is its featured platform which is covered in silver glitter and complete with an absolute clear heel. Within the heel displays a tiny wind-up spinning Cinderella to add even more adventure and magic into your wardrobe! The wedge is laced with pink ribbon along with a charming blue print all around.  You’ll be sure to be mistaken for a princess in these shoes.

Irregular Choice Cinderella Flats


"If you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true."

Cinderella Lucifer and Gus Flat    Cinderella Ugly Sisters Flat

Cinderella Can't Stop Me Dreaming Flat

Each flat in the Irregular Choice Cinderella collection feature images taken straight from the delightful Disney film. Your two furry favorites, Lucifer and Gus, are displayed on the toes of the Cinderella Lucifer and Gus Flat. On the right shoe is beloved Gus-Gus with his name embroidered on the heel, as well as Lucifer’s name on the left. Next, the Cinderella Ugly Sisters Flat, another one of our favorites, displays the two sassy sisters printed on the front. These dashing shoes are covered in printed little hearts as well as big glittering bows on the heel matching each of the girls’ dress colors in front. Similar to the Lucifer and Gus flats, the names of the two stepsisters are embroidered on each heel, Drizella on the right and Anastasia on the left. Lastly, the Cinderella Can’t Stop Me Dreaming Flat embarks Cinderella’s magical moment of transformation! These flats are subtle yet dreamy and feature charming images of the helpful mice, Lady Tremaine, and again Lucifer.


"Why, it's like a dream. A wonderful dream come true."

Cinderella It Fits Glitter Flat

Now this pair of shoes speaks for themselves. They put the phrase “anything that glitters is gold” to truth. The Irregular Choice Cinderella It Fits Glitter Flat will transform your world just as the glass slipper did for dear Cinderella. Accompanied with multi-colored sequins - pink, silver, and gold - these shoes will shine for the stars with the slightest catch of light. With a modest, wide heel and a large bow with a dainty charm in the middle, they add the perfect feminine yet mature touch. Did we mention the bow in front has LED lights that twinkle when you walk? So princess-like.

Let’s face it, there is no princess quite as classic like Cinderella, and there are no shoes quite like these! Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes will have you feeling your absolute best whenever you slip into these shoes. Now’s your time to have the wardrobe and shoe collection like a princess would, so go ahead and pick up your favorite pair—and don’t be afraid to wear them past midnight! Be sure to take a look at all of our Irregular Choice shoes, which include Alice in Wonderland styles, as well as the Star Wars line.