19 Father's Day Gift Ideas for 19 Types of Dads

19 Father's Day Gift Ideas for 19 Types of Dads

Being a dad is a great feeling. Getting rewarded for being a dad is even better. This year’s Father’s Day falls on June 19th and you can’t just get away this time with a simple Father’s Day card. This is why we’ve compiled 19 great gift ideas for 19 different dad types. Is your dad a big coffee drinker? Or he can’t take his eyes of Game of Thrones every Sunday? No matter what your dad is into, we got you covered. And in case if you are already a dad, go ahead and treat yourself with unique gifts from Fun.com!

Caffeine addict dad

Caffeine Addict Dad Gift Ideas

USB-Powered Cookie-shaped Cup Warmer - Shop        Coffee and a Donut Mug - Shop

Coffee Tin Sign - Shop        POP Friends Rachel Green - Shop

We’ve all been there: all of a sudden you just can’t live without coffee. So can’t your dad. So much, in fact, that he might as well get one of the cup warmers for his laptop to always keep his coffee hot! Every man who’s ever heard of Rachel Green from Friends (played by Jennifer Aniston) knows that there isn’t a better coffee server in whole NYC than her!

Beer fan DAD

Beer Dad Gift Ideas

Star Trek Spock Drink Kooler - Shop        Beer'd Stein - Shop 

Duffman Costume - Shop        Das Horn Mug - Shop

Got a beer lover dad in your family? Show him how much you love beer (uh, we mean your dad) with these incredible beer gifts. If drinking a beer out of a regular glass doesn’t please your dad anymore, get him a Das Horn for a truly Viking-style drinking experience. If your dad is missing a glorious Viking beard, the beer’d stein comes with one! And if your dad enjoys a beer or two on a hot sunny day, a Spock cooler will protect the feeling of being refreshed.  

out of this world DAD

Out of This World Dad Gift Ideas

Star Trek USS Enterprise Glassware Set - Shop        Alien Warrior Drone artFX Statue - Shop

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet - Shop        Star Wars Ep.VII Resistance X-Wing Fighter - Shop

Out of this world gifts for the out of this world dad!  We know it isn’t the famous Chewbacca mask that everyone is looking for, but these gifts will still make an impression on your dad. If your Star Wars loving pops enjoys constantly telling you that he IS your father, these gifts are indeed for him. Your dad would die to own his personal X-Wing fighter or a lifelike Alien action figure. Or make him feel like he’s enjoying a drink on the Enterprise with the Star Trek glassware set.

Master Chef DAD

Master Chef Dad Gift Ideas

Darth Vader Oven Gloves - Shop        Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter - Shop

Iron Man Apron - Shop        Rocking BBQ Spatula - Shop

Every dad loves to cook and grill some ribs outside. Or in some lazy cases, just throw a frozen pizza in the oven. Help your dad flip his favorite burgers looking like a rock star. Make your dad feel like he is the captain of cutting pizzas with a Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter. And Darth Vader oven gloves combined with the Iron Man apron will make your dad show off his cooking super-skills like never before.

bookworm DAD

Bookworm Dad Gift Ideas

Batman Eclipse Light - Shop        Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends - Shop

Light Brown Writer's Log Notebook - Shop        Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie - Shop

This collection of gifts is perfect for a dad that has owned a Kindle or two for a couple of years now. Or the ones that are still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts. If you’re always catching your dad down in the living room at all hours of the night with his nose in a book, maybe a Batman nightlight would be the perfect gift. A samurai sword bookend set is great for a bookworm dad who still loves physical copies of his favorite novels.

"Always on the move" DAD

"Always on the Move" Dad Gift Ideas

Tense Maple Wood Watch - Shop        Walking Dead Rick Grimes Backpack - Shop

Flash Caped Crew Socks - Shop        Back to The Future Hoverboard - Shop

Does your dad always seem like he is in a rush? So in a rush that he might forget what time of the day it is? With this Maplewood watch, he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. If your dad got stuck in the alternative 2015 of the Back to the Future universe, get him the authentic hoverboard to admire. If your dad is a fan of speed, Flash caped crew socks is a stylish way of letting everyone know he is really in a hurry.

sleepyhead DAD

Sleepyhead Dad Gift Ideas

Ghostbusters Fleece Blanket - Shop        Chewbacca Comfy Throw - Shop

Hulk Alarm Clock - Shop        Chocolate Moose Pillow Pet - Shop

You can’t lose in a gift giving battle if you bless someone with the perfect night’s sleep. Or the items that enhance your sleeping experience. Except for the alarm clock. That thing was specifically made for smashing it Hulk style. The chocolate moose pillow pet is just as huggable as your dad in a Chewbacca comfy throw. And in case your dad believes in ghosts, grab him a Ghostbusters blankie for his protection.

political junkie DAD

Political Junkie Dad Gift Ideas

Donald Mask - Shop        Hillary Mask - Shop

Donkey Show Democratic Socks - Shop        Donald Trunk Republican Socks - Shop        Stars and Stripes Suit - Shop

2016 is a big year for politics! Some people may be tired of it all already (November is still a long ways away!), but some people, dads included, cannot get enough of the electoral process. The debates, the ads, the Twitter warfare; what a time to be alive! If your dad is the resident political junky of the family, with CSPAN on TV and Politico on the desktop, giving him these gifts, like a Hillary mask or a USA-themed suit, will make Father’s Day great again.

Classy DAD

Classy Dad Gift Ideas

Diamond Glasses 2pc Set - Shop        Dr. Who Bow Tie - Shop

Superman Shield Cufflinks - Shop        Star Wars R2D2 Watch - Shop

These gifts aren’t the typical gifts that you’d give to your classy, well-dressed dad. These gifts aren’t that easy to come by in your regular “dad” store, but they are super easy to order on our site. Help your dad highlight his inner nerdiness while still being stylish. A Doctor Who bow tie or Superman shield cufflinks would look great at a classy event, like a board meeting or wedding reception. A diamond glass set can make your dad talk fancy about literature and latest world news.

wwe superfan DAD

WWE Superfan Dad Gift Ideas

POP WWE John Cena  - Shop        Hulk Hogan Costume - Shop

WWE Big Talker Microphone - Shop        Macho Man Randy Savage Long Sleeve Shirt - Shop

Have you ever gotten into a sibling fight so big and loud that the only person capable of breaking you up was your dad? Well, now he can do it in style. Imagine your dad wearing a Hulk Hogan costume while commenting everything you are doing with WWE ring microphone. Or you can get him a John Cena Pop vinyl and make a John Cena appearance with it every time your dad isn’t expecting it.

Music lover DAD

Music Lover Dad Gift Ideas

Beatles T-Shirt - Shop        Drumstick Pens - Shop

Pink Floyd North American Tour '73 T-Shirt - Shop        LED Cube Speaker - Shop

If your dad is a big music fan, and you can’t catch a break from his karaoke or humming skills, these gifts are just right. If you ever caught your dad always trying to come up with new beats, he needs a pair of drumstick pens. If your dad is the life of the party, this Rubix cube speaker is perfect. And if your dad still enjoys all the good tunes of the past, grab him a classic rock T-Shirt as well.

office workaholic DAD

Office Workaholic Dad Gift Ideas

Ironman 4L Mini Fridge - Shop        Portal Turret Desk Defender - Shop

USB Powered Cookie Shaped Cup Warmer - Shop        Big Lebowski The Dude Wacky Wobbler - Shop

This dad, unlike the outdoors dad, probably barely sees any sun! His desk is his second home by now and if he’s that into work, he probably didn’t have much time to improve it. So why won’t you make his desk a little nerdier with this office collection. And, of course, the DUUUUDE!

retro game fan DAD

Retro Game Fan Dad Gift Ideas

Nintendo Zelda Cartridge Backpack - Shop        Tetris Light Set - Shop

Nintendo Mario Mushroom Wallet - Shop        Pacman Fleece Blanket - Shop

Deep inside every man, especially dads, is a kid that just can’t lose his grip off a controller, so why not bring back these memories for him? A Tetris light set would be a great addition to his man cave basement while he’s down there crawled up in his new Pacman fleece blanket. Make your dad feel nostalgic or get nostalgic right there with him yourself with these retro video game gifts!

superhero fan DAD

Superhero Fan Dad Gift Ideas

Superdad T-Shirt - Shop        Flash Costume Hoodie - Shop

Batman Animated Series Batmobile - Shop        Ironman Bathrobe - Shop

Who needs a superhero when your dad is already one?! “This Iron Man bathrobe isn’t that cool” – said no dad ever! And how about that Batmobile that your dad can show off to his other dad friends? Or just keep it in his office room all for himself.  Yeah, superhero dads got it right.

modern video gamer DAD

Modern Video Gamer Dad Gift Ideas

Arhham City Batman artFX Statue - Shop        Minecraft Diamond Ore Light - Shop

Halo Master Chief Model Kit - Shop        POP Warcraft Durotan - Shop

This isn’t one of these dads that always brag about being good at PS2 games when they were in college. These dads still play some blockbuster games and are actually surprisingly good! Minecraft ore light would look great on your dad’s nightstand, especially next to the Warcraft Funko Pop! Vinyl when he’s up until 4 AM grinding in the fields of Azeroth. Don’t let them forget about their favorite game characters by getting him one of these guys!

football fan DAD

Football Fan Dad Gift Ideas

POP NFL Peyton Manning - Shop        Green Bay Packers 4pk Coaster Set - Shop

Marshawn Lynch NFL Socks - Shop        New England Patriots NFL Sweatpants - Shop

Football, football… FOOTBALL! You seriously can’t go wrong with a football themed gift for Father’s Day. Make sure to check out Marshawn Lynch and Peyton Manning items while they still last! NFL fans love the sport year round, so who cares that its summer and we still have a few long, long months until the regular season starts. If your dad loves football, he’ll be happy to see these gifts in June.

anime lover DAD

Anime Lover Dad Gift Ideas

Pokemon Pikachu Belt - Shop        Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman Figure Statue  - Shop

Dragon Ball Z Goku Hooded Backpack - Shop        Attack on Titan Hat - Shop

There’s nothing cooler than a dad who can throw down in a serious Pokémon battle and beat you with a levelled up Snorlax. Well, maybe a dad who will have a day-long anime binge session with you. YES, dad, we would love to watch some more DBZ. Good thing there are only, like, a million episodes to get through. If your dad loves anime and Japanese pop culture, these gifts will do the trick. Plus, wouldn’t you love to see your dad in that Attack on Titan hat?

outdoors DAD

Outdoors Dad Gift Ideas

Ninja Garden Gnome - Shop        Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs  - Shop

Walnut Wood Bluetooth Speaker - Shop        Star Trek Captain's Chair Pool Float - Shop

‘Tis the season! Who has ever said no to their dad willing to do some grilling on a nice and toasty afternoon? These gifts are for those dads that love spending time outside to grill, pool, or garden! Get your dad prepared for any kind of pool invasions with the captain’s chair pool float. Upgrade your barbeque area with lightsaber BBQ tongs and a nice wooden wireless speaker. Or how about an untraditional ninja gnome to protect your dad’s lawn from uninvited guests?

game of thrones DAD

Game of Thrones Dad Gift Ideas

House Stark Lidded Stein - Shop        Game of Thrones Stark Polo  - Shop

Iron Throne Replica - Shop        Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister - Shop

This is for the dad that knows exactly what Valar Morghulis is. Although it’s quite hard to celebrate Father’s Day in GoT universe, (fathers don’t really last long in Game of Thrones), these gifts from small shops of Westeros would enhance your dad’s watching experience every Sunday. Why? Because it can’t get much better watching Game of Thrones while holding a Stark stein in your hand full of foreign beverages and snacking out of a dragon egg canister.

So, which type of a dad does your pops fall into? Or maybe he qualifies for multiple ones? Give your dad a gift that brings his childhood memories back and makes him feel like a kid once again. Don't forget to check out our Father's Day gifts category on our website to see all these gifts and many more for you to choose from for your dad!