Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


The countdown is on to February 14th. You want to get your significant other, like, THE PERFECT present to tell them “I love you,” but … what? Wasn’t it JUST Christmas? You exhausted all your gift-giving ideas back in December, and now you have to think of something even more meaningful? More sentimental? More romantic? AND with a loved one as unique and interesting as yours, cliché boxes of chocolate and a dozen roses just won’t cut it. Thankfully, you have Fun.com to help you pick out some show-stopping, unique Valentine’s Day gifts for the one you love.


Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Her


Choosing a gift that is perfectly tailored to your girlfriend or wife’s interests is a surefire way to get some extra brownie points this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ideas of gifts that might strike her fancy, no matter what kind of stuff she likes!


Bouquet of Toys


Stuffed Link Doll – Shop      Animal Crossing Isabelle Plush – Shop      Princess Peach Doll – Shop

Mega Man Plush Figure – Shop      Pop Plush Buzz Lightyear Figure – Shop

Chewbacca Super Deformed Plush – Shop      Pop Tinkerbell Plush – Shop

Fabrikations Rocket Raccoon – Shop      Fabrikations Michelangelo – Shop


A little crafting mixed with some small toys can really go a long way. Using floral wire, attach these toys to long “stems,” like skinny dowels, bunch the sticks together, and wrap up the whole thing up with tissue and wrapping paper. Add ribbons to make it pretty! Smaller, stuffed toys work the best, because you can stack them all together on each stem to look like a bunch of flowers.


Cold Weather Accessories


Avengers Blanket – Shop      Hippo Tea Steeper – Shop      Star Wars Knit Hat – Shop

Princess Leia Bathrobe – Shop      Wonder Woman Slippers – Shop      Minnie Mouse Mug – Shop

Portal 2 Companion Cube Ceramic Mug – Shop

Deadpool Yoga Pants – Shop      Cheshire Cat Hoodie – Shop


Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of winter, so many of us are still bundled up, cozy at home in the evenings, trying to stay warm. A perfect way to “heat things up,” in a totally literal and innocent way, is with a gift package full of cuddly accessories. Pick a theme that fits her interest, like Star Wars or Doctor Who, and go to town – there are tons of fuzzy blankets, scarves and hats, and even little tea accessories that would go together perfectly for a cuddly night in.


Geeky Jewelry and Accessories


Wonder Woman Tank Set – Shop      Hunger Games Bottle Necklace – Shop

Majora’s Mask Necklace – Shop      Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Bracelet – Shop

Batman Matte Cuff Bracelet – Shop      Han Cholo Lightsaber Pendant – Shop

Han Cholo Lightsaber Stud Earrings – Shop      Han Cholo Lightsaber Cuff – Shop

Superman Sleeveless Romper – Shop


A pretty new necklace or diamond earrings are standard fare for Valentine’s Day gifts, but your lady is not a standard woman. Skip the plain heart pendants and choose something perfectly geeky. You could go another non-traditional route with some nerdy-themed pajama and lingerie sets. Talk about some unique gifts!


Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


Shopping for a guy on Valentine’s Day is, admittedly, a little more difficult. Chances are that he’s not so into the frilly hearts and bow and arrow type motifs that adorn classic V-Day cards. (However, he might be, and that’s fine, too! Easier for you to pick out a card that way.) If you need some extra help with gift suggestions, though, these might do the trick to bring out the old heart-eyes emoji in his thank you text. 


Beer Gear


The Beer Belt – Shop      Star Trek Spock Drink Kooler – Shop

Superman Freaker Drink Insulator – Shop      Batman Freaker Drink Insulator – Shop

Half Pint Beer Glass – Shop      Vintage Hamms T-Shirt – Shop      

Duff Beer Pint Glass – Shop     Iron Man Mini Fridge – Shop


If your boyfriend or husband is always checking into his Untapped app, sharing his latest brew of choice with the world, then maybe some drinks-themed gifts would be the right choice for him. We have lots of fun mugs and glasses, as well as can and bottle cozies, and even some mini-fridges for portable drinkability.


Football Collectibles


JJ Watt Road Uniform Pop Vinyl – Shop      Laces Out Freaker Drink Insulator – Shop

Richard Sherman Pop Vinyl – Shop      Adrian Peterson NFL Socks – Shop

Seattle Seahawks Formation Fleece – Shop      Denver Broncos NFL Sweatpants – Shop

Carolina Panthers All American Raglan Shirt – Shop      Demarco Murray NFL Socks - Shop


Let’s say that your beau loves football. That’s cool, lots of people do. How about… you buy him tickets to a game next season. That’s a GREAT gift! But want to take it a tiiiiny step further? You over-achiever! These little extra goodies will definitely be the cherry on top to any NFL-related gift you give this holiday.


Exclusive Goodies


Futurama Nibbler Plush – Shop      Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly Pop Vinyl – Shop

Slurm Can Koozie – Shop      Duff Beer Can Koozie – Shop      Marty Hazmat T-Shirt – Shop

Back to the Future 2 Light Up Shoes – Shop

Big Hero 6 Metallic Paint Armored Baymax Pop Vinyl – Shop


Some people are just interested in the excitement of it all. The thrill of owning something one-of-a-kind, totally exclusive, can only find it one place. Lucky for you, we have a whole BUNCH of exclusive and unique gifts to give this February. T-shirts, Pop Vinyls, shoes, you name it. These ideas are for the guy who needs to have what no one else does.


We hope that these gifts gave you some inspiration! Do you have any other out-of-the-ordinary ideas? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you make that toy bouquet, we wanna see it! Tag us on @fundotcom_ on Instgram! And great news: these presents work year round as awesome anniversary gifts, too. You can see our whole selection of Valentine’s Day gifts here.

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