Pusheen the Cat Gifts

Pusheen the Cat Gifts

One of the best things the internet has brought into our lives is Gifs, and not just normal Gifs. No. We’re talking adorable, funny cat Gifs! And is there anyone better then Pusheen the Cat? We don’t think so. Who can resist this adorably, mischievous tabby cat? Pusheen has taken the world by storm and we are all about it! If you love Pusheen as much as we do, then you definitely want to pick up some great Pusheen gifts for you and your friends.

Pusheen Bags

Pusheen Bags

All over print backpackWallet with EarsCat Face Backpack
Unicorn Cross Body Mini BackpackMermaid Scarf

Cats make everything better. It’s a fact. So, bringing these adorable Pusheen bags to your locker or desk is bound to brighten up your day. Who doesn’t want to open up their locker and see this adorable kitty looking back at them! If you want a more colorful option, try our Pusheen all over backpack. It’s covered in yummy treats and cute kitties. Need something smaller? Don’t worry, Pusheen comes in wallet size as well! What could possibly be better than these adorable Pusheen bags, you ask? Well how about a Pusheenicorn cross body bag? We know, a unicorn and a cat combined? Crazy right? But this crazy combo makes the cutest purse!

Pusheen Accessories

Pusheen Accessories

Beanie Hat With EarsUnicorn Socks 2 PackMermaid Scarf
Pusheenicorn KigurumiSmiling Coin PurseCat Pajamas

Have you ever just wanted to BE Pusheen the Cat? Or maybe you can’t decide between Pusheen and a unicorn? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Well why choose? You can have both with the Pusheenicorn Kigurumi. Or maybe you’ve always wanted those cute kitty cat ears! Well don our Pusheen hat and keep your noggin warm with Pusheen’s adorable face. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, try the Pusheen Unicorn socks or mermaid scarf. We love knowing we have this little unicorn cat on our feet during the day!

Pusheen for home

Pusheen for Home

Junk Food BlanketMini Backpack

So, cats are great, that’s been established already. But you know what else is great? Food, especially junk food. The Pusheen plush, junk food blanket combines two great things to make one incredible thing! And don’t forget the Pusheen mini backpack! Sure, it’s technically for carrying things, but it’s so soft and cute that we just want to cuddle it all day!

Hopefully we’ve helped you pick a few of your Pusheen favorites. We know, it’s hard to choose between all these adorable kitty products. Be sure to let us know what your favorite Pusheen product is in the comments or tag us on Instagram @fundotcom_ or on Twitter @fundotcom_!

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