Celebrate 4th of July with these Summer Gifts from Fun.com!

4th of July Gifts

Believe it or not, the 4th of July is just around the corner. Of course, the holiday celebrates the United States declaring its independence from Great Britain and is essentially viewed as the birth of the nation. In commemorating this occasion, many take the opportunity to celebrate their own independence while getting together with friends and family for some holiday fun. Patriotic-themed parades and fireworks displays are common with events taking place during the 4th of July, and there are plenty of other fun things to do as a form of celebration.

In many cases, the 4th of July will take place on a very nice summer day, making it imperative to get together for grilling, party games, and some fun at the pool or beach. If you’re looking to make the best of the national holiday this year, check out some of things that can bring some added excitement to your mid-summer party.

4th of July gifts

4th of July Gifts

Top left to bottom right: Uncle Sam costume, Flag tank top, American Flag decor lanterns, USA flag socks, Women's Stars and Stripes Opposuit, Lady Liberty costume, Flag fanny pack, American flag board shorts, bald eagle costume, Embroidered US flag

Red, white, and blue is always the most obvious theme for a holiday that celebrates America. If you want to represent your country, how about some fabulous American flag apparel like shirts, socks, or shoes? If you’re feeling a bit more patriotic, you could even dress up as Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty, or even the symbol of our country, the majestic bald eagle. If dressing up isn’t really your thing, you can fly your own flag or find some fun decorations like flag lanterns.

Party Games

Party Games

Top left to bottom right: Escape Room in a Box game, Heads Up party game, Golden Girls Clue, Munchkin Card Game, Stranger Things trivia game, Watch Ya Mouth game

One of the most fun things about getting a group together for a celebration is playing games. You can test your trivia knowledge from popular shows like Stranger Things, have some laughs while trying to speak with goofy mouth guards, or even live out fun fantasies through table top card games. Instead of playing against one another, you can always team up and work your way out of an escape room!

Grilling Gifts

Grilling Gifts for 4th of July

Top left to bottom right: BBQ cooking guide apron, Philadelphia Eagles grilling tools, Green Bay Packers cutting board, Grill Sergeant apron, Minnesota Vikings grill brush, NASA dad hat

Fire up the grill this summer with some tools that show off your fandom. Get some grilling tools that represent your favorite sports team or a grilling apron that's both stylish and useful. Get one that has useful grilling tips printed on it for easy reference or become a "grill sergeant" with a camo apron that allows you to hold all your grilling tools. Keeping the sun out of your eyes is preferable too, so pick out a nice cap.

Pool Floats

Pool Floats

Top left to bottom right: Horse pool float, Donut ring float, Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR pool lounger, Duck pool float, Star Wars Millennium Falcon inflatable, Giant pizza slice pool float

If you’re planning on hitting the water and going for a swim this summer, you need some unique pool floats. Hop aboard the Millennium Falcon if you plan on making the Kessel Run in your local swimming hole. If you want to be cruel, you can make fellow beach goers hungry with a slice of pizza or a donut pool float. If you're looking for more of a wild ride, hop aboard an animal like a horse or a....duck?

Outdoor Gifts for Kids

Outdoor Gifts for Kids

Top left to bottom right: 6-foot tall T-Rex sprinkler, Donut kiddie pool, Boochie ball game, giant inflatable bowling set, Mickey Mouse toy golf set, Spider-Man swim toys

If you have kids coming to your party and want to keep them entertained all the way up to the 4th of July fireworks, remember that water toys are always a hit. With a giant T-Rex sprinkler, they won't be running for their lives while keeping cool in the hot sun. Games like yard bowling and boochie are a fun time for all ages, so you can keep playing even after the kids are done.

Drinking Gifts

Drinking Gifts for July 4th

Top left to bottom right: Rainbow laser cat tumbler, beer pong game, Thor Mjolnir mug, das boot glass, Superman geeky tiki, horn mug

You can’t enjoy a hot summer day without some frosty beverages and what better way to carry those than with a tiki featuring your favorite superhero or movie character or maybe a Viking horn? Maybe you'd like to play a friendly game of beer pong with your friends. It always helps to keep track of your skill while drinking to make sure things don't get out of hand.

Captain America Gifts

Captain America Gifts

Top left to bottom right: Captain America suit jacket, Captain America Shield pool float, Captain America long sleeved shirt, Captain America dress, Captain America messenger bag, Captain America geeky tiki

What superhero could be more patriotic than Captain America? Steve Rogers always fights for his country and is just as much a symbol of America as anything, so why not rock some apparel featuring his iconic shield logo? If he weren’t so busy saving the world with the Avengers, you can bet Captain America would be happy to attend a poolside grill-out party to celebrate Independence Day. A cool geeky tiki with his likeness or a pool float featuring his iconic shield design is a perfectly patriotic gift.

Are you all geared up for your 4th of July celebration? Hopefully, we’ve provided some inspiration for you to add some more fun to your patriotic party this year. If you're ready to fire up the grill, hop in the pool, or play some games, you'll be doing so in epic fashion. If you're looking to make your celebration even more unique, why not check out all of our different themed gifts while you're waiting for the big fireworks display.

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