Father's Day Gift Guide: 2018 Edition

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father's Day is just around the corner and we're here to give some major props to dads around the world for putting up with us. Though you can't reciprocate the gift of life, you can give them the gift of some stereotypical dad gifts. If you're one of those kids who's more of last-minute gift shopper, that's okay, we're here for you. We all know Father's Day cards are boring, so we put together some of our best Father's Day gifts to make your life (and shopping) a little bit easier. For more help, we even categorized each section, so you can find gifts for whatever type of "dad" your dad might be.

Gifts for GEEKY DADS

Father's Day Gifts for the Geeky, Nerdy Dad

Flash Tee          Chewbacca Messenger Bag            Star Trek Coasters            Marvel Comic Book Print Suitcase

So your dad's a nerd? Relatable. Did you go to every Marvel movie premiere together? Did you have heated debates on whether or not Star Trek or Star Wars is better? Well, lucky you, this makes shopping with us really easy. Our motto is literally, "Nerdy Goofy Fun", so not to brag or anything, but we're pretty much experts in that area. If your dad works an office job, the chances are pretty high that he carries a plain-black briefcase to work. We both know that makes a pretty underwhelming statement and 100% conforms to office standards. Surprise him with the Chewbacca messenger bag and let his inner-geek shine. If his boss gives him grief, now he can say his kid bought it as an excuse! If your dad travels for work a lot, we've got another geeky thing he can use. Playing the game of baggage roulette at the airport is never fun. Help your dad avoid those awkward confrontations with the Marvel Comic Book Print suitcase. Trust us, he'll appreciate it.

Gifts for GOOFY DADS

Funny Father's Day Gifts

Einstein Paperclip Holder               Beer Belt             Toilet Coffee Mug              Beef Squatch Tee

Is your dad a goof? For some reason when we're younger, dad jokes are one of the cruelest things a dad can do around you and your friends, but fast forward to being an adult and somehow they're hilarious? We guess they're somewhat of an acquired taste. We aren't sure how that works, but now that you're old enough, be the best child and feed his hunger for cringe-worthy jokes. Chances are, if your dad was the kind to crack lame jokes, he'll be entertained by the Einstein paperclip holder. It's....hilarious...right? To keep the ongoing trend of unique Father's Day gifts, if potty humor was his go-to, why not get him a mug that will make it look like he's drinking from an unplunged toilet? Now, if your dad was the kind to crack vulgar jokes, we can almost guarantee that if he's not already a fan of Bob's Burgers, he will be. And if he's a fan of Bob's Burgers, he'll definitely love this Beef Squatch shirt. Let's be real, even if he doesn't know who Beef Squatch is, he'll love it anyways.

Gifts for football dads

Gifts for the Sports Loving Dad

Budweiser Tee       Fantasy Football Inflatable Cooler       Fantasy Football Pint Glasses (4 pc.)       Draft Master Mug

When football season comes around, friends and family spend a lot more time together. We can totally see why, it's a great excuse to surround the TV and get drunk off of beer with people you love. Do you ever notice during football games, beer is an atmosphere changer? With every beer, people tend to scream and cheer increasingly louder. Keep the party going with the inflatable fantasy football cooler! For the friends who prefer drinking from a glass, we have fantasy football pint glasses as well. For the dads who prefer a caffeine rush over a beer buzz, we've got a Draft Master mug that will make every game more exciting. And don't worry, we didn't forget the graphic tee for this section! If you don't have the cash to spend on getting him a jersey to rep his favorite player, you can get him a shirt to rep his favorite beer. For those of you saying, "That's not the same!", it's the thought that counts!

gifts for gamer dads

Gaming Gifts for Father's Day

Tetris Light Set          Super Mario Bros. Coasters         Legend of Zelda Chess          Pokéball Serving Bowl           Atari Tee

To the dads who play Fortnite with their kids, you guys are the ultimate dads. Dads who game are some of the coolest dads to be put on this planet and in their eyes, you can be one of the coolest kids by getting them gifts to fuel their obsessions. A Pokémon serving bowl? Who wouldn't geek out over that? Super Mario Bros. coasters? Yes, please. Give him the best of both worlds by gifting him a board game/video game crossover with this Legend of Zelda version of chess. Some dads are way into graphic tees and if your dad is one of those, this Atari tee should put a big, geeky smile right on his face.

So how are you going to thank your dad? A graphic tee of sorts? Maybe some gaming merch? To check out our entire selection of Father's Day gift ideas, click here. Whatever you decide, we want to see! If you end up getting your father any of these gifts, be sure to tag us on (@fundotcom_) with his reactions. Don't get too caught up in picking out a gift, we're sure whatever you get, he'll appreciate and cherish for the rest of his life (be that the toilet mug or Marvel suitcase). Never forget, it's the thought that counts!

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