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There's nothing quite like reciting the Handbook for the Recently Deceased at Halloween, so shop our top Beetlejuice costumes right here! We have Beetlejuice costumes for women and men, and they're officially licensed from the cult classic movie.
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Ghouls and goblins are always going to be a favorite kind of costume for any spooky season, but there's nothing quite like a good old fashioned ghost to really get someone's hair raising. Not only do they have all the intelligence that they had from their living days, but they have an entire society in the Netherworld that helps them get even more spooktacular. 

That's why, we know it is great to turn to the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice, whenever it is time to really get a ghastly take on the afterlife. It's time for you to dive into the fun of the epic 1988 movie with our officially licensed Beetlejuice costumes.

Start with the master of mischief, himself: Beetlejuice. Now, this might surprise you, but Beetlejuice is only featured on screen for a tiny fraction in the whole movie. You'd think in an hour-and-a-half film named after you, you'd want to claim more than 17 minutes. But, with all the powers and memorable moments of this ghost, maybe that's all he needed! 

Originally, Beetlejuice was intended to look quite a bit scarier. He was going to have terrifying leather wings and come much closer to a demon than a weirdo ghost hanging out in a model city. Fortunately for us all, as producers realized the glory of a ghostly comedy, we received the maledicted manifestation of Michael Keaton that we all needed in our afterlives. 

So, now it is time for you to shout out Beetlejuice's name three times and summon some of that ghostly gumption to yourself. With our officially licensed Beetlejuice costumes, you can suit up in the black and white striped look that was made famous during the film's showtime sequences. We have the makeup and hair needed to give you that moldy look that only Beetlejuice can rock. 

If you need a little more screen time than the titular character, though, you can dive into gothic style with some Lydia looks. This misunderstood misanthrope might turn to Beetlejuice when the rest of the family proves themselves to be too weird even for her, but you will be the belle of the ball in a Lydia Deetz red wedding dress. Get the 80s hair right and spin your way up in a costume that will have you feeling like you're part of the movie. 

Of course, you shouldn't dive into the Netherworld without a guide. Unfortunately, the Handbook for the Recently Deceased can be a tough read. If turning the pages is a bit too much for you, get yourself some ghostly help with some of our Adam and Barbara costumes, too. Everything from eyeball gloves to their fantastic phantasm attempts can help round out your ghostly holiday guises. 

Whether you want to belt out a spiritually superior version of Day-O at your next dinner party or gather up your friends at your old haunt, all it takes is three knocks to enter the Netherworld. Just be prepared with our Beetlejuice costumes, first. Things get going pretty fast when it is showtime!