Batman the Animated Series: Almost Got 'Im Card Game

Batman the Animated Series: Almost Got 'Im Card Game Update1
Batman the Animated Series: Almost Got 'Im Card Game Update1
Product Description

Poker Night

The villains of Gotham City are having a poker game. They shuffle up the deck, deal the cards, and begin talking shop. Of course, they trade stories about how they almost caught The Batman. Then, something suspicious happens. The lights go out. The Penguin is mysteriously missing. The remaining players suspiciously eye one another... it seems that Batman has infiltrated their ranks. He might even be in disguise as a villain himself. The villains continue the game on edge, trying to deduce just which one of them is actually the Caped Crusader in disguise...

Fun Details

That's exactly how a game of Almost Got 'Im Card Game plays out! Based on the Batman: The Animated Series, this game places you in the role of one of Batman's foes. Here's the catch—each of you will be dealt a special power card that can be activated by acquiring the right poker hand. One person will secretly receive the Batman card, which means that one person is secretly Batman! As the game progresses, you'll be drawing and discarding cards, attempting to craft a poker hand to use your powers, while trying to deduce which player is secretly Batman! If the villains figure out who Batman is, they win. If Batman can use his secret powers to "subdue" the villains, he wins.

This game comes with a full deck of playing cards, which are required for the game, but they can also be used for playing standard card games (poker, bridge, cribbage, etc.). It also comes with a set of character cards and power cards. It requires at least 5 players, but up to 8 can play.

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Items Included
  • Custom Poker Deck w/ 2 Jokers
  • 13 Character Cards
  • 9 Secret Role Cards
  • Rule Book
Product Highlights
  • Batman the Animated Series: Almost Got 'Im Card Game
  • For 5 to 8 players
  • Ages 15+
  • Game play takes approx. 30 minutes
  • Officially licensed
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