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Relive all the fun of your favorite Marvel moments with Avengers toys from our selection! Whether you recreate scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or stick to the comic book canon, our Avengers toys have you covered. With everything from vinyl figures to wearable superhero gear, you can assemble the¬†Avengers display or the action-packed toy box you and yours are sure to love!¬
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Thor Hammer
Something Wild: Marvel Infinity Saga
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Marvel Avengers Tower 3D Puzzle
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Marvel Helicarrier Medium 3D Puzzle
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6 5 Ironman Hulkbuster Figure
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Products 1 - 21 of 21

When you really think about it, the Avengers were made for play. At their comic book debut in 1963 the team of heroes consisted of Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Wasp, the Hulk, and Thor. But by the following issue the group had changed. And it only continued from there. Now with a Marvel Cinematic Universe and television series to expand countless timelines and character arcs, there’s no telling just how wild and exciting things can get. Better yet, no story invented by diehard or fledgling fan can be discounted. So, let playtime commence with Avengers toys that are just as inspiring as the heroes and stories they’re based on! 
Our selection of Avengers toys is filled with all the staples a good toybox needs! 
Show your child the joy of action figures with yours and their favorite Avenger in posable toy form. Or dive in deeper with toy accessories that let you and yours become Iron Man and Captain America. Whether you sit down together to enjoy the countless animated spin-offs or act out exciting scenes you remember from reading the comics, heroic playtime battles and dress-up adventures are possible with everything in our selection! 
Have you been building an Avengers collection that’s less for play but requires all the same fun? Discover the charms of the Marvel world all over again with Funko figures modeled after the Avengers in various real and fictitious iterations. From Thanos in a Christmas sweater to Spider-Man as a luchador, Funko knows how to spin the humor of the comics into a pop culture moment. Prefer to keep it classic? Celebrate the artistry of each comic book issue or movie scene with statues and figurines that capture the thrill of major moments. 
Looking to introduce the Avengers to someone new? Keep things casual with an Avengers themed toy! Game night becomes a heroic event with Avengers board games that features all the star power of the films but no pressure to embrace the Marvel universe fully. Or try building the world around your friends and help them get to know it better with Lego sets that are both exciting and familiar! 
Still can’t find the Avengers character you want? Maybe the Marvel hero you know should be a part of the team hasn’t been included yet? Or perhaps you want to expand the universe in a direction you don’t think Marvel will consider? Check out the rest of our Marvel gifts and toys selections to see how far you can take the story yourself. Or keep checking back on this Avengers collection to discover how we evolve along with the comics, movies, and series that continue to excite our collective imaginations!