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Products 1 - 5 of 5

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Never underestimate the value of technology in our daily lives no matter what the size. Let’s just examine a typical day and see how many times we can point out the items you use and how important those items are to you getting on with your life with all the comforts you want and none of the hassles you don’t.

 You wake up. You’re groggy. It’s morning, the phone alarm just went off with that annoying tone, and you can’t believe you stayed up until 1 in the morning playing video games when you had to go to work in the morning by seven. Well, as they say, you only live once!

 You shower, you get dressed, you check your email probably twice—what’s the news, what’s the hap’s, who posted something likable on Insta? Nevermind that now, you’ve got a slow cooker to start! Yes, you’ve recently realized the incredible cooking miracle that is a slow cooker, and you’ve even graduated to adult responsibilities like taking the frozen contents from a bag and throwing it into a pot to cook while you’re at work. It is indeed a modern miracle and, of course, because the appliance looks like Captain America’s classic costume, the lid transforms into a shield for a brief moment. It’s okay, nobody saw.

 With all that out of the way you suddenly feel that familiar rumbly in the tumbly feeling and you realize you have about fifteen minutes before you need to step in the door at work and you still haven’t had breakfast! What do you do? You fire up the single cup coffee maker branded to your favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys, that’s what you do. Oh yeah! That reminds you to make your Fantasy League picks, but the clock is ticking and your stomach is a-growlin’.

 After that cup of joe begins brewing you toss some bread into your Darth Vader toaster and pretend to throw dark side force lightning at it while shouting, “unlimited power!” as the bread bakes to a golden brown. POP! Butter flows over the top, a few more sips and a few big bites and you’re out the door and on your way. The roads are traffic-free because you’ve beaten the rush and you’re thinking, “Hey, me, maybe tomorrow we should make a Death Star-shaped breakfast?”

“That’s no moon… it’s a waffle,” you say to yourself with an awkward chuckle.

 Now you’re at work and lunchtime hits. Oh no! You forgot your lunch because you were so distracted pretending to be a Sith Lord while making toast. Good thing for you, adult, that you hid your favorite Wonder Woman popcorn maker in the cupboard nobody uses and you can make fresh delicious popcorn at work and your whole day is saved.

 After a long day at work, you get home and you’re greeted by the wonderful smell of stew that’s been slow cookin’ all day long. Now you’re able to kick back, fire up those video games, and eat some delicious stew. You say to yourself—“Now THIS is living,” in the voice of young Anakin Skywalker. And, indeed it is.

 What made that incredible day possible? Appliances! We’ve got so many awesome and fun appliances that chefs of any age will love. Whether you’re making coffee, waffles, popcorn, or an entire family dinner you’ll never find a better selection of appliances that make such awesome great gifts.

Here’s to some primo adulting coming your way when you use these appliances!