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You’ve taken down quite a few raid bosses in your day and trash mobs cower in fear at the very thought of you. No one messes with your Orc Warrior, Twinkletoes. Okay, so maybe your toon isn’t named Twinkletoes, but you’ve logged your fair share of hours on the Blizzard MMORPG and now you need something to celebrate your dedication. These Word of Warcraft POP Vinyl figures can become your trophies of conquest and they’re pretty darned cute to boot!

We’ve got the adorable Funko figures based on WoW raid bosses like, Deathwing and Illidan. We also have Thrall and Sylvanas for you Horde sympathizers, as well as cute little Murloc, because, well, Murlocs are kind of cute in a weird fishy kind of way. (Mrglglrglglglglg.)