Wooden Sunglasses

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Today is the age of plastics, metals and man made materials that poly-syllable names that you can't pronounce. You don't even want to know what that chair you're sitting on is made out of! That's why it's good to see something made straight from the goodness of Mother Nature. No crazy laboratories made the materials that compose these wooden sunglasses. These specs are made out of good old-fashioned wood!

It's true, these sunglasses are fashionable, but they also make a statement. You're not one of those drones picking out homogenized style that everyone is seller. By slipping on a pair of these, you're telling the world that you like to put you don't have to follow the crowd, all while keeping it au naturel. And since we carry plenty of different styles that put a spark to your fashion sense, you can make sure you get exactly the looking you've been searching for, all while keeping your eyes shaded from the sun. In the end, isn't that whet everyone is looking for?