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USB flash drives have made the world a better place! No longer do you have to lug around compact disc around to bring all of your necessary files. Don't get us wrong; compact discs weren't that bad, but they lacked the customizable nature that USB drives have. When was the last time you were able to pop a CD shaped like Darth Vader into your CD-ROM drive and check out all your work files? (Taking a scissors and a black marker to a compact disc to make it look like Darth Vader just causes some serious damage to your computer when you pop it in)!

USB drives, on the other hand can be shaped to all your favorite characters, like Princess Leia from Star Wars, or Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Of course, we carry all of those, plus some other awesome versions, like USB flash drive cufflinks for when you want to feel a little like James Bond or a Chewbacca themed one, for when you want to feel like Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon when you're at work.

So, you could be like all the rest of the Joe Schmoes out there and use a regular USB drive, or you could use one with a bit of style. The choice is up to you! (We're still kind of hoping floppy disks make a comeback).