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So let's say you're getting married, and your best buddy knows that you've always had your eye on this life-sized stormtrooper. Then your wedding comes along, and sure enough, he buys you that stormtrooper for your wedding. You're so stoked to set this thing up, cause you're the biggest Star Wars fan, and it looks great in your new house. Next thing you gotta do is send that guy a thank you card...but how? A frilly, girly, flowery thank you card from some outlet store? Forget it. You need something cooler, something more...galactic.


Check out these Star Wars thank you cards for your solution. They're officially licensed, collectible, and perfect for any bud who loves Star Wars just as much as you. In fact, these cards are just cool enough that you might want to keep all of them for yourself... May the force be with you!